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Hello everyone,

does anyone know why Mario Kart 64 is so unplayable in four player mode? It's nothing to do with speed, the controls feel weird and glitchy.

Me and a group of friends started with Mario Kart on an NTSC SNES in 1993 and moved on to Mario Kart 64 on an NTSC 64 in 1997. I'm 41 this year and every Tuesday that we can we get together and have a night of forfeits, tantrums and bad sportsmanship. We only play Koopa Beach (best track ever to grace a console - the jump through the rock was a moment of genius for whoever created it) and the game just gets better and better.

For years we've been saying how great it would be if we could have the exact same game only with a higher resolution, and there it's been sat on the Virtual Console since 2007, completely unknown to us until a few weeks ago.

I've since bought an NTSC Wii off Ebay and downloaded Mario Kart 64. I couldn't believe how great it looked, the resolution upgrade is amazing - this was potentially the holy grail we'd been hoping for.

Anyway, one, two or three player is great - silky smooth, exactly like the original, but four player mode is awful. I've since tried it on a Pal Wii and it's exactly the same as the NTSC version. It's as though it's missing frames or something. I can't quite put my finger on what it is that's wrong, it's just not right.

I'm absolutely gutted to find out the holy grail of Mario Kart 64 on the Virtual Console is massively flawed in four player mode. So, my questions are, does anyone know why the four player mode is like this and has anyone found a solution to iron it out?

Thanks in advance for any answers, much appreciated.




It's because the flash player that reads the digital data gets overloaded by all of the data on-screen at once.
It would certainly help if the Wii had a more powerful Flash-Drive.

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Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. I take it there's nothing that can be done to resolve that issue? It's such a shame as if the four player mode worked well it would be perfect.



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