Topic: Zombies Ate My Neighbors hate?

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Amorous+Badger wrote:

Or, you could just accept that some people have opinions which may not tie up with yours.

Personally, I think that the FPS genre hasn' really moved on at all since Doom 2 and that the genre as a whole is formulaic to the nth degree.

People have been known to disagree with me on this.

I, for one, do because Bioshock moved it pass Doom 2 status by adding a great deal to story and atmosphere but unlike some, i won't take offense to your differing opinion and I'll respect it



I would not worry about haters if you enjoy the game. In fact almost every game that has received positive review scores will have its haters. Just look under any thread on NL of a game with a good review score and you'll find people bashing it in some form or another.

"Practice hospitality. bless and do not curse." Romans 12:13-14


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