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Hi guys,

I am planning to do a Zelda marathon in 2014, beating every game in canonical order to 100% completion (just the ones on the timeline, because screw the CDi ones). I plan to start in January and try and get it done before the year is out.

I have only played a bunch of Zelda titles - Minish Cap, OoT, MM, WW, and bits of Four Swords and the original one. Is my timeframe realistic? I know that some of them are pretty lengthy, so not sure. My free time will be a little mixed. I am a teacher so I won't get much chance during the week, so I will be looking at playing Sundays and a bit on a Saturday; however, during the holidays I can put a lot more into it. I will no doubt have Smash Bros and Mario Kart to distract me, but those are games I can just dip in and out of.

Have any of you guys done anything similar? I don't want to set myself an impossible / improbable goal!




One year to complete every Zelda game is plenty of time. Even for someone with a family and a full time job. I've done something similar, but not as much. I sat and beat every Metal Gear game over one weekend (before we had our son that is) and would love to do it again. Anyhow, good luck and have fun!

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I finished Twilight princess in 2 weeks during my exams. You should be fine :+

Btw you gotta be the coolest teacher in the world lol.

Edit: I started Link's awakening DX a while ago, I think I finished it in 1,5 weeks. I played a lot in the evenings, at night and during the weekends. I didn't find 6 heart pieces though.

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The only Zelda games worth playing are the Tingle spin-offs

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Zelda II will take you a year in itself. I kid. I wish you luck.. The only franchise I could play like that often in one year would be Metroid

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LordJumpMad wrote:

The only Zelda games worth playing are the Tingle spin-offs

...That's my favorite DS game (no joke).



I'd say that's a pretty reasonable timeframe, considering they're mostly pretty easy. It should give you a little under a month to complete each game, I suppose. I'm not sure how much trouble Zelda II is going to give you, though. It has some insane difficulty spikes spread throughout.

SyntheticPerson wrote:

(just the ones on the timeline, because screw the CDi ones)

Well, even if you wanted to, a CD-i and the awful trilogy would set you back $600-1100 (Seriously)

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Undead_terror wrote:

LordJumpMad wrote:

The only Zelda games worth playing are the Tingle spin-offs

And we can't forget the best version of Balloon fight, Tingle's balloon fight!

I'm thinking about learning Japanese solely to play that third Tingle game, along with Mother 1/3...

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8BitSamurai wrote:

Well, even if you wanted to, a CD-i and the awful trilogy would set you back $600-1100 (Seriously)

Not to mention the HUGE system with the monstrous AC Adapter and the awful controllers.

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I am playing through the timeline, but not 100% completion. It has taken me longer than a year, but that is with some long breaks in between games. I only have a few left-Spirit Tracks, Four Swords, and Adventure of Link. Good luck to you. I wish I would have documented my progress so I would suggest starting a blog or You Tube channel. I would like to follow your progress.

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