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1. Autojump- I first noticed its annoyance on a Harry Potter game where you had to slide across narrow beams covered in slippery mucus. Get too close to the edge, and Harry jumps off like an idiot. In Ocarina of Time, due to poor camerawork, he can jump the wrong way at times.
2. Poor camerawork- sometimes you end up jumping onto the floor instead of onto the next platform, or walking toward the camera. I'd like to have the camera show what's in front of me at all times.
3. Cutscenes- long, cinematic cutscenes are fine, since I can either skip them or go do something else for awhile. However, the abrupt, three second ones are annoying. Even worse are the long ones where you have to press A after the dialog box fills.
4. Tutorials- at least some games allow you to skip tutorials, but when I have to learn the basics of a game I've already been playing for the last ten years, I'd rather have the option to skip the learner's course.
5. Being treated like a kid- it seems like most RPGs have you as a kid, which means you're treated like one and hear dialog like "this is a place for grown-ups". Ugh.
6. One nitpick about the Mario RPG series is that, when you're walking across a tricky path, bridge, etc with various obstacles, and even mess up once (fall into the water, get hit by the fire rod) you have to do the whole thing again.
7. Save points- I wish I could save anywhere so I don't have to find the blasted place I was just at.
8. Navi- she abruptly stops you to inform you of the obvious
9. invisible walls- it would make the game so much easier if they'd actually bother to allow you to go there.
10. Pokemon-style battling- random encounters, no su rrendering, and turn-based battling make for an annoying experience

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1. Autojump
2. RPG battles that take too long
3. Bad Camera
4. Invisible walls
5. Annoying Tutorials
6. The shortness of some games
7. Lines repeated too much
8. Repeditive Stuff
9. Sloppy Collision Detection
10. BIG THE CAT!!!

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10. Final Boss Switcharoo! Why? I hate going through a game and beating the main enemy that has been the source of all my troubles, just to see that someone I have never heard of ends up being the "true" final boss! but what really makes me mad is if this certain boss happens to be:
A. Incredibly Easy Compared to You Main Enemy!
B. Incredibly Hard Compare to Your Main Enemy!
I've always hated these switches, I'm OK with having more than one final fight though, for example if I'm introduced to a mysterious character during the game and get story on him and he ends up being the final boss, then I actually don't mind when I have to fight him/her/it. But random final boss switches is one of my biggest Pet Peeves! I'll post the rest of my list later!



9. No Tutorial For Complex Games: I hate when in a game that needs a lot of knowledge to play, there is nothing other than a level where you figure out what to do on your own. I hate when I have to press every button to figure out what the hell I have to do! Sure there is the instruction manual, but I shouldn't have to use it everytime I play the game.
8. Too Long Tutorials: On the other hand I hate when games have too long of a tutorial, I undertsand teching us basics, but why not let us find out some stuff on our own, not force us to learn how to do everything in the game! One big example is: Starwars: The Force Unleashed. Now while the tutorials are needed for teaching the complex control scheme and are very skippable, there is still too much of a tutorial there, they teach you everything about the game except for the story if you go through the whole tutorial. I would rather be able to find out some stuff that isn't required to play the game on my own!



1. Controls
2. Crappy Camera
3. Glitchy Areas
4. Pages of Dialogue
5. Long Cutscenes
6. Annoying voicework
7. Medusa Heads
8. Bad online
9. Random Battles
10. Surprise boss fights

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10. Lack Of Features That Would Make Sense
It bugs me when a game doesn't have features that would make sense with it, like multiplayer or online play. This is rather minor, though.

9. Final Boss Switcheroo
Like supermarioman said. It bugs me when you feel great about defeating the final boss, and then you have to battle another guy. Ugh!

8. Luck; Not Skill
I hate it when games make you use more luck than skill. The Mario Party series is a huge offender of this.

7. Boss Battles That Are Too Easy/Hard
When it's too easy, it lacks a sense of achievement. When it's too hard, it makes you want to pull your hair out!

6. Lack Of Tutorials With Complex Games
This game is difficult, but that's what the manual is for. I dislike when this happens.

5. Button Mashing
This really annoys me. It's rather irritating and frustrating to repetatively push the same button over and over again. SPOILER*I was annoyed when I had to do this twice at the end of Starfy, and if I couldn't, I had to start the whole boss all over again*SPOILER

4. Lousy AI
In The Simpsons Game, it involves some co-op puzzles, but the charachters in CPU mode sometimes won't stand still. It's quite annoying.

3. Autojump
God, this is annoying.

2. Unskippable End Credits
This really bugs me.

1. Bad Camerawork
Isn't this obvious?

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I can't think of any to post for the moment, although there are a few.

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The boss difficulty variance doesn't annoy me, it just confuses me. The Ganondorf avatar was easier than expected, especially considering you fight him as Adult Link.

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10. Treating amnesia as an original plot device.
09. Stories in games that don't need stories.
08. Explaining game mechanics through characters breaking the fourth wall. (Earthbound does this well, but ever since, it has been done to death and poorly.)
07. Complicated control schemes (and the ridiculous diagrams that are helpfully shown for five seconds while loading levels).
06. The trend of longer and longer games.
05. Required tutorials.
04. Game prices.
03. Publishers relying much too heavily on sequels.
02. Unlockables.
01. The lack of licensed games based on Dickens stories.
01. The third dimension.

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1. Questions with the answer selected that you don't want. (Do you want to save? Yes. >No). Ugh!
2. Questions you can't say no to. Why even ask, then?
3. The option to listen to a lengthy dialog again. (see Zelda Owl)
4. In the Zelda series, you can acquire rupees even when you can't hold anymore. Why?
5. Poor controls. I wanted to go forward, not over there!

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1. Needless backtracking - Like that at the end of Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door
2. Turn-based RPG battle engines that allow characters to hit empty space when the enemy is defeated prior to their turn.
3. Having to fight the same boss multiple time in an RPG - Ala Seymour in FFX.
4. Not being able to speed through dialog or skip cut scenes.
5. Loose or unresponsive play control.
6. Not using the full 16x9 aspect ratio and leaving black bars on the side of the HDTV.
7. Cheap AI - Like in Mario Kart when the racers just come blasting to the front out of nowhere
8. Long load times - Ala Neo Geo CD
9. Bad camera systems that make it difficult to navigate a game.
10. Poorly mapped button assignments and no ability to change them.

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1) Poor Controls
2) That 2 second screen flash of a diagram for the overly complicated poor controls. Nobody can read that fast.
3) Text speed that's too slow, and you can't press the A button to make it scroll faster. You just have to w...a...i...t f...o...r e...a...c...h l...e...t...t...e...r t...o a...p...p...e...a...r.
4) That stupid owl from Zelda and other NPCs that can't just get to the point and give you a hint in 2 text boxes or less.
5) Level grinding.
6) Save points. There should be no reason to not have a "save whenever you want" feature post-16 bit era (before than, I'll give that perhaps the technology and conventions had just not matured yet). This especially pisses me off in Majora's Mask. Sometimes I'm like a day into a cycle, and then I just want to take a break.
7) When you need some extra health and all you can find is money.
8) Tails in an Eggwalker in SA2 (that was the beginning of the end for 3-D Sonic, death by well-intentioned, yet poorly executed story mechanics).
9) Bad Camera (this should actually be number 2).
10) Invisible walls.

For what its worth, for some games, I love auto jump. Huge fan of it in Zelda, since the game's not about platforming, but solving puzzles. I don't have to spend a million years trying to see if I can execute a jump that's just a bit out of reach. I try it once, and if it works, I can go there. If it doesn't, I can spend my million years looking for some other solution.

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1.Double Jump (Makes sense in Metroid, not so much in other games.)
2.Elemental Enemies/ Re-use Enemies(Same look, different color.....)
3.Carrying more than physically possible(ex. Link)
4.Collecting everything.
5.Enemy spawners.
6.Invisible walls.
7.Time trials.
9.Power ups.



1)Lengthy death scenes. I want to retry quickly & avoid insanity to complete the game.
2)Characters making godforsaken noises like Banjo-Kazooie.
3)Password saving.
4)Change language settings not being easier to navigate
5)Lazy character design. It's a condom with eyes, thanks Rare. Things have changed since DKC2
6)Abundance of FP shooters.
7)Arguments with your mates. A tennis match between a mushroom & a dinosaur shouldn't be that tense.
8)My students finding out I like Nintendo & distracting me for 20 minutes.
9)Having to reset to cheat the game, just give me the option, we all know what I'm going to do, why make it more laborious.
10)Mario Kart Wii



10. loooooooong beginning sequences before you get to play (example: TWEWY)
9. terrible voice-acting (example: many games)
8. having to use the same button for a bunch of different functions (example: B in super mario world)
7. not being able to run (example: pokemon red version)
6. no hints at where to go in RPGs (example: Chrono Trigger, sometimes i just miss vital conversations)
5. save points (example: okami)
4. bosses with no obvious weakness so you keep having to hit him with all you got until you figure it out (example: none immediately comes to mind, but ill find one)
3. path decisions (example: super metroid, i wanna go right, but maybe theres an item to the left)
2. Slowing down in sonic the hedgehog (example: when your going super fast then you hit a spike)
1. extremely linear plots with no customization or problem solving (example: big beach sports)

Honorable mention:
when difficulty in a game amps up reeeeally quickly

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1. people that use hacks or cheats on online games. mario kart is a good example, just look at the time trial leader boards.
2. bosses that are extremely difficult to beat, even in the easiest settings. neogeo beat em ups are notorious for this.
3. mountains of in game text. zelda, needa i say more.
4. either never enough ammo or health. resident evil games can be like this at times.
5. games where the only replay value is to collect all the item you`ve missed playing first time through.

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1. Lengthy death scenes- the Game Over scene on Paper Mario takes over five seconds, ten if you include when he dies in battle!
3. slow text- t...h...a...t...i...s...s...o...a...n...o...y...i...n...g

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  • Loooong load times ( Xbox 360 games are paticulary bad for this) but they have now crept into Wii games
  • Lack of save points. (I should be able to save when I want Goddammit)
  • Crappy camera (often enough to make me give up on a game) No excuse in this day and age.
  • Repeating dialogue/unskippable cutscenes.

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Ray+Silver wrote:

3.Carrying more than physically possible(ex. Link)

Hey, it's called hammerspace!

In no particular order:

1. Bad Cameras
2. Very non-linear games (where the heck do I go in FF1?)
3. Too linear games
4. Long time without save points (first half-hour in Majoras Mask)
5. Cheap AI (Ninja Gaiden - need I say more?)
6. Unintentional Glitches
7. Multiple Paths (no idea which has the power up and which carries on with the game)
8. Annoying Characters
9. Slow Text
10. Loading Times

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