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1. Graphic adventure (King's Quest, Myst, Tales of Monkey Island)
2. Puzzle (Tetris, Bejweled, Dr. Mario)
3. Platformer (Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, Donkey Kong Country)
4. Arcade (Pong, Pac Man, Donkey Kong)
5. Strategy (Command and Conquer, Fire Emblem, Civilization)
6. Beat 'em up (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men)
7. Action/adventure (Legend of Zelda, Star Fox Adventures, Spyro)
8. Action (Star Fox, Metroid, Kid Icarus Uprising)
9. Roleplaying (Paper Mario, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy)
10. Fighter (Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat)

HONORABLE MENTION: Simulator (Gran Turismo, Animal Crossing, Roller Coaster Tycoon)

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1. Action/adventure
2. Platformer
3. RPG
4. Puzzle
5. Strategy
6. Rhythm
7. Survival Horror
8. Shooter
9. Simulator
10. Fighting

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1. Platformer
2. RPG
3. Action-adventure
4-9. Puzzle, Racing, Fighting, Rhythm, Adventure, Shooter in any order
10. Strategy

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I think it would be easier if it was a top 5, but I'll give it a shot.
1. Survival Horror
3. Strategy/RPG
4. First Person Adventure (aka. The Metroid Prime series)
5. Adventure
6. Sports
7. Racing
8. Puzzle
9. Party
10. Shooter

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1. Platformer
2. Action-Adventure
3. RPG
4. Adventure/Visual Novel
5. Arcade/Kart Racing
6. Puzzle Platformer
7. Action
8. Whatever the heck Katamari is
9. Party Fighters (Smash Bros., Power Stone, etc.)
10. Strategy (although, aside from more real-time-y games like Pikmin 1 & 2 and maybe Little King's Story, I'm laughably terrible at all variants)

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RPG's at the top, with pretty much all other genres below it. I can play pretty much anything as long as it's quality.

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Don't have a Top 10, just a toobular 7

Platformer - (Mario, Mega Man)
Action/Adventure - (Zelda, Metroid)
Survival Horror - (Resident Evil)
Puzzle/Adventure - (Zack & Wiki)
First Person Adventure - (Metroid Prime)
Arcade - (Donkey Kong, Space Harrier)
Fighter - (Super Smash Bros. & Street fighter)

I absolutely love being confined to small areas in a game while having to solve puzzles, find keys, save ammo like they're diamonds,
doing lots of back tracking, battleing the undead-...Yeah, kind of sounds like the traditional RE series.

There's nothing more satisfying than FINALLY finding a key later on in the game that unlocks that ruby diamond red door during one of the beginning portions of the game you're playing hehe.

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1) Platformer (Super Castlevania IV/Ninja Gaiden (NES)
2) Action-Adventure (Super Metroid/ A Link To the Past)
3)Action RPG (Secret of Mana, Illusion of Gaia)
4) Beat 'Em UP (Streets of Rage & Final Fight Trilogies)
4) Survival Horror (Resident Evil series, Silent Hill)
6) RPG (Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III)
7) Shooter (Gradius series, R-Type series, Axelay)
8) Fighter (Street Fighter II, Killer Instinct)
9) Racing (F-Zero)Sports
10) Sports (Cool Boarders, 1080, whatever sports game against a friend)

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1) fighters (virtua fighter 5FS, tekken tag 2, soulcalibur 2, streetfighter 3, king of fighters 97)
2) platformers (mario, kirby, sonic)
3) action-adventure (metroid)
4) puzzle (tetris, dr mario)
5) japanese RPG (legend of zelda, early final fantasy, fire emblem, phantasy star, golden sun, xenoblade chronicles)
6) beat em' up (streets of rage, final fight, captain commando)
7) rhythm games (rhythm heaven, rhythm thief, elite beat agents)
8) side-scrolling shooter (gradius, contra)
9) party games (mario party)
10) arcade games



1) Platformers (Mario, Sonic)
2) Arcade-style Action-Platformers (Sunset Riders, Shinobi III)
3) Beat Em Up (Streets Of Rage, Final Fight)
4) Action Adventure (Zelda, Metroid)
5) Arcade (Jackal, Kung-Fu)
6) Action RPGs (Brave Fencer Musashi, Secret Of Mana)
7) Arcade Racers (OutRun 2, Kart racers)
8) Party Games (Mario Party, Guilty Party)
9) Puzzle (Tetris, Super Columns)
10) Arcade Sports (NBA Jam, NFL Blitz)

So mainly arcade-style games, platformers, and action games!

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Ah, yes. Arcade sports, a part of the silver age of arcade games. Those are cool too.

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1. Real RPGs (The Witcher 2, Dragon Age: Origins)
2. Real strategy games (Sengoku, Europa Universalis)
3. JRPGs (Atelier Meruru, Final Fantasy XIII-2)
4. Tactics strategy games (Fire Emblem, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon)
5. Board Games (Diamond Trust of London, Catan)
6. Rhythm games (Just Dance, Theatrhythm)
7. Fighting games (BlazBlue, Dead or Alive 5)
8. Stealth games (Theif series)
9. Puzzle games (Art Style)
10. Simulation (Sim City, Theme Park etc etc).

There's a couple of genres where I like one or two examples of the genre more than almost anything from my top 10 list (such as Love Plus for dating sims), but I don't like the genre as a whole.


1. Action RPG (Kingdom Hearts, Sword of Mana, ect)

2. JRPG (Final Fantasy, Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi, ect)

3. SRPG (Fire Emblem, ect)

4. Action & Adventure (Zelda, Okami, ect)

5. Fighter (Dead or Alive, Soulcalibur, Street Fighter, ect)

6. Party Fighter (Smash Bros, ect)

7. Platformer (Super Mario, Sonic, ect)

8. 3rd Person Shooter (KI:U, ect)

9. Arcade Racer (Mario Kart, ect)

10. FPS (Goldeneye, CoD, ect)


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1. Platformer
2. Action-Adventure
3. RPG
4. Rhythm-Music
5. Racing
6. Fighter
7. Strategy
8. Simulation
9. Puzzle
10. Arcade

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To me, an arcade racer is Cruis'n or Super Off Road. The Mario Kart series is a cartoony racing game.

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Excuse me if I do not reach ten genres...

1. Platform Shoot 'em ups (such as Probotector)
2. Platform Jump (such as Super Mario World)
3. Platform Other (such as Castlevania)
4. Arcade racing (such as Ridge Racer, Daytona USA)
5. Side-scrolling shooters (Gradius, R-Type, Z-Out)
6. Sidescrolling Beat 'em ups (Double Dragon)
7. One-on-one Beat 'em ups (Street Fighter II, Tekken 2)
8. Japanese RPGs (Final Fantasy IV, Secret of Mana)
9. Point & Click Adventures (The 7th Guest, Gabriel Knight)
10. Proper quality First person shooters (DOOM, Half-Life)

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