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I love Contra. My cousin and I played Contra to death back in the day, and Contra remains my single most amazing video gaming achievement ever when I beat it once with just one life.

Contra III: Alien Wars is my favourite Contra game. It had excellent graphics, bosses, music and gameplay. I also love Shattered Solder, Contra, Contra 4 and Operation C. Super C is okay but not as good as the others. So yeah, I love pretty much all the Contra games I've played. Never tried the 3D ones.

Contra Force actually isn't a Contra game. In Japan it was a completely different game about terrorists but it got canceled. Konami released the game in America as a Contra spinoff.

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saw this thread yesterday and got me excited to run through some contras. i think i'll start by trying to beat super C no continue commando style. i am also trying to beat contra 4 which is really tough i may have to just sit down and play a couple hours today and try to beat it

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One of the main reasons I was ultra-hyped to get Contra 4 was for the unlockable Contra and Super C. Challenge mode is, well, challenging but still fun to try and master each one.

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Too bad the emulations were pretty bad. I too was excited to get to play three Contra games on one cartridge but wow. Contra is pretty much unplayable. You could barely see enemy bullets. Super C fared better, but still had some problems. It disappointed me.

Konami, where's my Contra compilation package dammit! I want it on 3DS or Vita.



hi folks,
two days ago i again finished contra 4 for DS on normal mode. Im abit rusty so have to work on the hard mode ....
ps: is there any 3Ds contra announced ? would be awesome !

Donjwolf wrote:

Konami, where's my Contra compilation package dammit! I want it on 3DS or Vita.


Donjowolf, practically u got a full contra package : get contra 4 for DS , it includes contra 1 , super C and ofc contra 4 which is in my opinion THE best of all contras.

cheers waveboy
ps2: wave wanna still add me ? im waiting , u are still in my 3ds flist, but u seem not to have added me back ...

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Oh my Gaiden! I finally snapped like The Noid on a Domino Eating Pizza Spree and and just got Contra Hardcorps for $30 including shipping! Cart only, which is all i need as i don't plan on building up a Genny' collection.

This is the only Retro Contra I haven't played(not interested in Shattered Soldier for the PS2, although i may give HardCorps:uprising a shot!) and i can't wait to Fry guy & fire it up on my Retro Tube TV. Which will soon have a shnazyy Talking Alf stuffed animal chillin on top of it. Got to keep it 80's boils and Ghouls! muhahaha especially when i've got to tackle such challenging little beasties such as Amagon & Back to the Future!

What's your friends code broNana?

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I remember playing Contra with my uncle, we never finished it , but it was one of the best Coop games then, and still.

Those days when the most multiplayer games on the NES where played by roles, the game even change the camera view and that was some sort of thing we weren't used to see in 8-bit games, it was awsome.


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