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CoachLuke22 wrote:

When I figured out that if I had more lives than my opponent i could just pick him up and jump off the edge using DK on Super Smash Bros 64!! So cheap but hilarious also!

I'm very well known for doing that among my friends, and they know I'll do it every chance I get. I've also gotten good at throwing people off-screen on stages that have platforms trailing off.



Had to of been back in college. When i lostagainst some Game Art & Design student known as Riuku, at leas that's what his buds called This guy had a mad a pony tail and carried loads of Chefboyardee raveolee in his anime napsack whereever he went. During a lunch break, usually 6 or 7 students including Mr. radical moi would cruise up to the gamerZ loung(lol) and play some SSB Melee. I was king, until this kid showed up and eventually took my Fox down with Zelda. Possibly one of the most intense matches in my earily twirly 20's! Man do i miss Melee's awesome anime Matrix-y' controllable Mid-air dodging. Brawl totaly botched it big time! After the grueling loss, one of my friends from class decided to show everybody a new(was at the time) video on the internet of The Angry Nintendo Nerd's TMNT review. Everybody laughed, while Riuki sat there and didn't make a peep.

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There's too many funny moments playing Brawl with my friends to even remotely begin listing them. I guess one will do.

The Twilight Princess level (Bulbin's bridge I think), a friend and I were facing two level nine computers and we had all the items on. A final smash appears ( I'm Link, my friend is Lucas, and we're fighting an Olimar and a Samus), and after miraculously obtaining it, I aim it towards Samus. Unfortunately, Olimar was behind me and, to my knowledge, I thought I was virtually invincible when I used the FS, but I wasn't. As soon as I used it, Olib***h grabbed me and threw me, cancelling my FS altogether.

As soon as it happened, I paused the game, looked at my friend with my jaw to the floor (sort of smiling), and said "Did you just ****ing see that? Did you just ****ing see thaaat?! That is SO bull****! No! NO! Why! Why!! Only me, only ****ing me!!" =-P

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