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4mb, just the cheapest I could find, plus I wasn't sure how size related to blocks. I had a black 251 block official memory card but not sure if that's 4mb or if this is 59, I probably should have checked!



@mrjelly If it says mb instead of blocks then it's definitely a third party. 251 blocks is usually the way to go, as 59 is too small and the 1019 is more unreliable.

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I thought I had finished off my retro wishlist last year, but apparently a few slipped through the cracks that I just got patched up:

  • Skygunner (PS2)
  • Second Sight (GCN)
  • Psi-Ops (PS2)
  • GUN (PS2)
  • Quackshot (GEN)

Almost got Conker's Bad Fur Day since that's gone down so much in price, but I guess I'll just hold out for a while longer, I'm in no rush.

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