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Ryno wrote:

@WiggytheHut: Nice work there this month. Princess Leia would be proud!

I finally picked up and started playing Yoshi's Island. I am very surprised at this game to be quite honest; it give's Super Mario World a run for it's Dragon Coins for Ryno's Top "Mario" Game!

Nice! Still have this, with box, from as a kid. Such I great game! My favourite Mario game The boss fights are so good!

It's Wario time Yaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!


MeWario wrote:

Nice! Still have this, with box, from as a kid. Such I great game! My favourite Mario game The boss fights are so good!

I'm seriously impressed with Yoshi's Island. I love the SMB2 references and there is so much creativity here compared to other Mario games, especially the "New" games.

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Loose games Asmik-kun Land for Famicom and Umihara Kawase (a bit expensive but still better than the ebay price!)
And Action Pachio for Super Famicom CIB. A Sonic knockoff. Gotta find out if I suck or (more likely) the game sucks! I haven't played Sonic '06 but I can't imagine it being worse than this game.

And a Panzer Dragoon Saga, Mega Drive Tetris, Stadium Events and Kizuna Encounter. All in one lot!



Sh┼Źnen Ashibe for the Super Famicom; so far I find it fun and charming

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I changed my mind and decided I'd get a cart of Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures after the LucasArts closure.
Bought a manual from a different seller then decided from the manual seller to get an Earthworm Jim (SNES) manual as well as a whole bunch of Game Boy manuals.



NHL 94 for the Genesis for only 99 cents!!! Plus a couple of original Genesis controllers. Also bought a PC version of Konami Collector's Edition of Castlevania I-III and Contra/Super C and a PC version of Sega Genesis Gold Edition with 46 games. I'm interested in trying out all of the Genesis games I never played and maybe getting the ones I like on the Genesis. I played NHL 95 to death as a teenager, but never gave any of the other Genny games a shot.

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Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame on SNES!

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undead_terror wrote:

Would this be considered as a retro purchase?

I guess since the DS itself is now pretty much done.


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Megaman 2 and 3, and a nearly complete run of nintendo power 1996 - missing 2 issues.


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Got a Gameboy Color, Ceasar's Palace(came with the Gameboy), and Donkey Kong 64 all for $4 at garage sales this weekend. - Dayman
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Picked up Ocarina and Majora's for 20 bucks on Craigslist!

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Picked up Mario Kart: Super Circuit on GBA from Goodwill for $5. It was one of the first GBA games I got but had it stolen years ago. So glad to have it back in my collection again.

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How much did Yoshi's Island run you? The CIB titles you always purchase seem to be uuber CIB, as in inserts, maps, the works. And when you dip into that kind of CIB then you're definitly spending quite a bit of Koopa cash hehe. Anyways! Yoshi's Island is yet another classic i sort of missed out on. It was another one of those iffy 'Watched my friend played it' scenarios, like good old Super Metroid and Zelda ALTTP. I remember the boss battles being highly creative, more so than anything in New Super Mario Stale Bros!

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@WaveGuy: Oh you know me man, I gotta go complete and I prefer to go ubber if I can. Complete games with radical manuals and mondo maps and picturesque posters are all but an awesome blast of the past. Nowadays you get a flyer with minimal info and some weak flimsy case. CIB Yoshi's Island ran me $47.00 shipped which I'm happy about as seeing the value of this game has gone up recently and it wont see the VC light of day because of the FX chip. Have you ever played it? You know to get your hands on it because not only is it an amazing platformer but it has a lot of enemies from Super Mario Bros. 2!

I know we got some Double D fans in here. I recently got a complete copy with Super Double Dragon with Action Explodes poster! Man I love this game, I just wish it wasn't rushed and we got all the intended contact.


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On 3DS Virtual Console:

What do you think? Nice choices?

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