Topic: Your Favorite Top 5 Mortal Kombat Characters (playable & non Playable)

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Liu Khang
Shang Tsung

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Scorpion (classic, can't get enough of that "GET OVER HERE!")
Shao Khan
Sub Zero

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#1) Liu Kang = Can't get enough of him because I personally love karate characters & I'm a Bruce Lee wannabe myself! WA-TA!! Also Robin Shou is my favorite for protraing Liu Kang in the movies; he's a fantastic actor/martial artist!

#2) Raiden = I just always have a thing for the almighty Thunder God! And of course without a doubt I have to say that Christopher Lambert plays him outstandingly well... he just has an excellent voice, for I like it when he talks! I also love him in the Highlander movies & series!

#3) Shang Thung = same could be said about Lui Kang & Raiden; for he's my favorite in the first movie! Cary Hiroku Tagawa plays him majesticly well; for he's that good for protraying the evil sorcerer! Also loved him in the movie The Phantom; & that 1 Sabrina the Teenage Witch Season 1 episode!

#4) Johnny Cage = Linden Ashbey played him hilariously well in the first movie; he always makes me LOL so hard! Love quoting all of his quotes; he's the coolest martial artists with sunglasses!

#5-#6) Sub Zero & Scorpion = He's just bone chillingly cool; get it! And All I can say is GET OVER HERE! I have a major thing for the ninjas in blue & yellow!

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1.Scorpian - Get over here!!!!
2.Goro - 4 arms are better than 2
3.Sector/Cyrax - whichever one has that metal arm that pops out of their shoulder when you throw somebody - always amused me
4.Shao Khan - Excellent!!
5.Raiden - The lightning man.


Kung Lao (? Spelling)
Jonny Kage

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I still think we need the Mortal Kombat games on the Virtual Console; for we were promised way back when Midway said they were going to support the VC close to launch!
So I wonder if Warner Bros who has the Midway company license will probably do that... so maybe in due time?!

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1. Kabal
2. Smoke
3. Reptile
4. Barakka
5. Sindel


Reptile, Smoke, Scorpion, Sub Zero, Noob Saibot. Too many too choose from. I like the trickery of turning invisible with Reptile or Smoke, and I like the ninjas and cyborgs in general. Despite being a whole bunch of pallet swaps, they all each have a surprising amount of character and variety of special moves. It was such a great series. I don't understand why it's gone down the crapper in the past few years.

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