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MM2 would have to be my choice

But i wont deny the awesomness that was MM9 and it 'is' superior in ways that's for sure. But I look back at when i was around 6 playing MM2 and i had such an amazing time with it. Bubble mans stage always stood out to me, it had to of been the awesome music and that beautiful aquatic stage. AND it was the first level i remember playing too. Wood and Air man's stages were awesome as well, not to mention their tunes obviously...I also remember HATING Crash man and Metal Mans stages. And who can forget that Dragon in Wily's Castle that all of the sudden popped up behind you, it scared the crap out of me when i was a kid! ;p

Anyways as it stands, MM2 and MM9 are the cream of the crop.
MM3 may be great, but i feel that it's slightly overrated...the slowdown in that game is just annoying, the robots masters are horrible(besides Snake Man), the music was a step down from MM2's, it had a darker look/tone to it, and it just wasn't as epic. Rush was a nice addition though, and i liked how you had to replay those 4 roboto master stages again because they were harder and different...As for the slide, not sure if i prefer it or not.

MM4 was Alright, robot masters were definitly better, and some of the levels were pretty cool(Dive Man's comes to mind, but eh...the Castles were so crappy in that game and the music wasn't even as good as 3's for the most part. MM5 was totaly weak and MM6 was just garbage. I've never played MM7 and I'm still mixed on MM8....the music in that game and Mega Mans voice makes my ears bleed.

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MM2, but only because I beat all the robot masters. Dr. Wily's levels are tricky though.


Mega Man X, if that counts.

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I've only played megaman 9, now I want the collection for gamecube really badly!

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Mega Man 2 NES. Mega Man X would be my second choice.

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there was a topic on this about a month ago, but oh well

megaman 2 is better all around but i havent really played much other than 1-4

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Mega Man X for the SNES is the only Mega Man game I have. It's pretty fun.

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