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Topic: Your favorite classic football games

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With the release of Tecmo Bowl and the start of NFL training camp, I thought it would be a good time to start the discussion on what is your favorite classic football title. You don't have to limit it to Madden or Virtual Console games. And feel free to post your worst football game is you would like. Just include the name of the game and why you love it or hate it.

I'll start off with my favorite classic football game. I am a big fan of NFL Football 94 by Sega.

I always felt this game trumped Madden back in the day with smoothly animated players, fast game play, play-by-play commentary, and just very crisp sharp look to the game. The passing game took a little bit to get used too, but with a little practice it would come naturally.

The worst football game would have to go to NFL football by Konami for the Gameboy. Sure it was the first to have all the NFL teams and logos, but the game play was painfully slow.

I could only find a NES pic

Feel free to post your favorite football game

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I've always loved Tecmo Bowl and Super Tecmo Bowl. I wish they would have released Super instead of the arcade version of regular. Oh well...

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Tecmo Bowl is the only football game I ever liked.

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Mattel Electronics Football II (the green one). One of the best handheld game systems ever! I can still hear the fanfare from the opening kickoff in my head...

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Where are those NFL Blitz fans?

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@SeanAaron: LOL! I saw this thread topic and was going to post the exact same thing. Well, except for me it was the original Football edition (the white/beige one). The sound effects are tatooed in my brain. =)

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