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Topic: would anyone be intrested in a video game version of a book club.

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Inspired by the retroactive segments over on one of the Unintendeddoworldreport podcasts and wondered if anyone would be interested.

Each month we would pick a retro game on either the Wii or 3DS VC and then play it and talk about it. We would change the game each month. I don't have a wii so I would only be able to participate on the 3DS VC side of things but it could be fun.

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You and your cryptic friggin' messages. :P Anyway, yeah that would be cool to have a group of people pick a game and put it through the ringer. I average like 10 hours of gaming per month so I don't know how much I would participate though.

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Eh, not really. Surprisingly the idea doesn't sound that attractive.

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We had a thread just like that around here.
But the person was laugh at for it, and never heard from again.
I'm not making it up, you can look it up.

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