Topic: Why does everyone insist that there is a time line for the Zelda games?

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Tasuki wrote:

WildTwinVikings wrote:

I personally don't get why people get so uptight about claiming that "there's no timeline". For one thing, Nintendo themselves confirmed it. Also, who cares if people discuss the timeline? It just gives Zelda fans something to talk about. IMO, it makes the series feel more connected to me.

I can say the same thing with people claiming that there is a timeline. That was my whole point. Every time I say there isn't people start jumping down my throat acting like I am wrong.

... that's because you are wrong in this case — you can't say there isn't one when Nintendo has clearly put forth that they do consider the one in Hyrule Historia to be canon. you can say you don't think the 'official' timeline is correct or that you don't believe in it altogether, but you can't say that one doesn't exist at all.

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@SkywardLink98: Ok yeah that makes sense if it says that on the back of the book. The way you made it sound it sounded like Amazon themselves said that.

Anyway I think I will start a Tetris timeline.

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The timeline is real. I saw it, bro. Nintendo said.

BTW, Tetris already has a timeline.
It's called T-spin, and that also makes no physical sense, unless the blocks are rearranging in its own space.

EDIT: Mario's timeline is split, too. They hang out with their baby versions on various occasions. Time and space/dimensions must be pretty easy to bypass in Nintendo Land.

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lols Why do people insist that the official tmeline Nintendo released is the Zelda timeline? Perhaps, now hear me out, the Zelda titles are all part of the Metroid series, but they haven't been release yet! They're the games after Fusion! I can't wait for Metroid: The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Metroid: The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons!

OP is trying to unfind something which IS there.



Tasuki wrote:

LzQuacker wrote:

To be fair, since Nintendo confirmed it, there is a timeline. Done

I agree I am done. You guys aren't going to convince me there is one just like I am not going to convince you there isn't.

I fail to understand how you're able to be in denial after all the proof, but... i guess you got the right to be. My opinion is that the timeline probably did not exist always, but they might've started thinking about it after Ocarina of Time was released.



Erica_Hartmann wrote:

@swordx Maybe Link is actually Samus in the future!

It all makes sense now! They're both blonde...hmm...I see! The future is the past! Samus after Fusion goes back in time using the Phantom Hourglass, a Chozo relic. She then pretends to be a guy amd names herself Link, as in the link between franchises. Her gear is destroyed during time travel, and the Zero Suit becomes green due to moss growing on it from isolation due to sadness because she's stuck there. The Master Sword was actually the remains of her gun, and Fi was Adam, who was revealed to be a girl before Metroid existed. Ganon is actually Ridley, hence the orange hair, as purple is orange in the past. This makes the pirates space pirates with brain damage from reading the OP's illogical post. This also makes the Goddesses Chozo who lost their wings but can still fly due to the power of stupidity.'s all coming together now!



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