Topic: Who still actually plays their old consoles?

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Sure I enjoy playing the old games but on modern consoles. I'm not going to go back and play an NES or Game Boy. I have several old cartridge games lying around which I don't play that I would download on day one if they eventually came to Virtual Console.

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I play my N64 from time to time, and my GBC is always with new batteries and Pokémon TCG on it

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I have my PS2 hooked up to my TV right now and tomorrow I'm heading out of town and taking my Gamecube with me.

Those are the oldest consoles I have though. There's like... 3 good N64 games, total, and they're all on Wii VC, so no loss there. Every SNES game I care about is on VC too. Every PS1 game I care about is on PSN, etc, etc.

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Me. My Genesis in particular has a permanent spot among my consoles.

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I do I've been playing my Megadrive (Streets of Rage 2, Street Fighter 2 and 2 awesome condition official 6 button controllers came this week courtesy of ebay), N64 (Goldeneye, Bomberman and WWF No Mercy) and Pokemon Mini (I'm hooked on Tetris Shake! Gotta catch em all!)

I still play on my Wii too, I love the on rails shooters such as Ghostsquad and House of the Dead

In fact I haven't played my Wii U or 3DS much recently

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I play GameCube and GBA, but divested of older systems. The GBA I'll keep until every cart I have is on Wii U VC, and I doubt that will happen with some of the games I have there.

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I do. Whenever I go to my girlfriends house to hang, we usually end up playing with her Nintendo 64 or Gamecube or Wii. She doesn't have a Wii U yet, but she really wants one.

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I haven't lately because reasons but I try to.

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I do. I'm so miserly that I play most N64 games on my old worn-out joysticks, though I do have Mario Kart 64, Majora's Mask, and Kirby 64 on Wii VC (I never owned the original cartridges).

I also bought a Genesis this year because some of its games that I wanted are not available on modern systems.


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I still play a lot Super Mario Kart and PLOK on my SNES, as well as a bunch of classics on PS1. Sadly, I currently can't play my GCN or BGA games anymore, but I'm trying to get that outta the way.

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I play my Gamecube at least once every year and my GBA gets to see some action every once in a blue moon.




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Just a Wii loaded with emulators.



i never stopped lol

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I don't have a CRT anymore and playing old consoles on an HDTV just isn't the same so I tend to stick with the virtual console. If I had a CRT then I'd definitely use my old consoles. I've been tempted to pick one up many times but I don't really have the room.

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I do. All the time!

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I don't play my NES often, but still on occasion when a craving for proper old-school gaming strikes. There are a bunch of games I love on NES that never got re-released anywhere else. Wii usually gets played more often than Wii U... although that's been changing recently thanks to great games like Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3, and now Monster Hunter. GameCube sees less love, but I'm in the middle of WindWaker right now and also love my GBA Player accessory so am thankful it's always hooked up and ready to roll.

GBA Micro and PSP Go get played all the time if those count (not really that old) while DS games get more playtime than 3DS games. GBA Micro is a passion because it's the only handheld I consider "truly portable". PSP Go is a window into the PSOne era (which I mostly missed out on) so gets significant burn - especially thanks to all the great sales on PSOne Classics through PSN.

That said, my N64 never gets any play now and wouldn't be missed if I sold it.


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