Topic: Which Zelda game has the best story?

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I think Majora's Mask. It's the most original, although Ocarina of Time was more epic.

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Zelda has a story?

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Phantom Hourglass has an under-rated story. It's not the best, but I thought the tale of the ocean king and the mystery of Ciela's identity, the mystery of the Ghost Ship, Bellum, was really well done. Also, the note-taking ability is the best addition to the franchise since Z-Targetting.

I thought Minish Cap had the worst story (well, probably the first two Zelda's had the worst story's because...well they didn't have one). I just thought it was really uninteresting, which is a shame because the game is simply amazing in all other areas.

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Yeah, the original Zelda's story was very minimal. Ganon captures Zelda, Zelda breaks her Triforce apart to hide it, you must find it and save her. The second game tried to expand on things a lot more with a complex backstory told mostly in the manual... but every game in the series after that has ignored that story. The third game, LttP, is the one that established the core elements that the rest of the series would build upon.

Zelda 2's backstory involved the king of Hyrule and his children, Princess Zelda and a prince whose name we are not told. The king dies and there's some uncertainty about which of his children inherits the throne and the Triforce. The king's wizard encourages the prince to defend his claim, the wizard curses Zelda, the prince realizes it was a mistake to trust the wizard and tries to defend his sister, but he fails... Somehow the Triforce of Power is lost, the prince decides to hide the Triforce of Courage (to be obtained by you in this game), and the prince declares that all princesses of Hyrule will be named after his sister. So in the game your goal is to unite the long hidden and forgotten Triforce of Courage with the Triforces of Power and Wisdom that you already obtained in the first game, which will allow you to wake the original Zelda from her cursed sleep. I'm pretty sure it also says something about the person that wakes her gets to be the new king of Hyrule.

They really just kind of went all over the place with it. The Triforce is portrayed as just some relic in the king's possession. There's no hint of a connection to the goddesses that LttP and OoT ended up focusing on. It seems like the idea of the king having a personal wizard in his court may have inspired Aghanim in LttP, but what about the prince? No other Zelda so far has ever had any siblings.

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arn't all the stories the exact same



My opinion goes for Ocarina of Time. I'm not saying other Zelda have inferior plot (Twilight Princess is awesome), but by the time it was released, It had a very solid storyline and background if compared to same genre games.



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