Topic: Which version of Contra III The Alien Wars is the best?

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Has anyone played all 3 (that I know of anyway?), the SNES, Gameboy and Gameboy Advance Versions? Just wondering if one is better than the other, or are all 3 worth owning?

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I only played the SNES original on the VC. And I can say it's the best SNES run'n'gun game ever.
The Game Boy Pocket port I'm interested in. The Game Boy Advance port I'm much too hesitant about.

Sorry if I wasn't of any help.

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I have the SNES and Gameboy versions, and the are both awesome. I am wanting to get the Advance version, because I read it has a couple of stages from a Genesis Contra game, but I haven't found it yet.

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I´ve read that the Advance version suffers from the small screen, so you get some unfair deaths because of that. Plus I like the variety of the top-down levels (missing from GBA) and YES, Contra III on SNES is the best run´n gun ever... and the 10:th best game ever also

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I've played the SNES and Game boy versions. The SNES version is much more enjoyable than the Game Boy version. In my honest opinion, stick to the SNES version, and avoid the Game boy version. Not sure about the Game boy Advance version, though.

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