Topic: Which Is Best: JP Super Mario 2 or US Super Mario 2?

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If your a Mario Nerd (like myself), you probably know the story behind Super Mario 2. So I'm not going to waste your time on that. Recent evidence has suggested that the American SMB 2 was the original prototype. But what do you guys and gals think? Which is better, the veggie throwing American version or the extremely difficult Japanese version.

(BTW: I apologize deeply for my Wii U thread. I was pointless and made me feel like crap.)

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SMB2 JPN is trash, it comes off like some uninspired cut and paste rom hack.....I'm so glad Miyamoto decided to revamp Doki Doki panic and morph it into SMB2 that we know today. SMB2 USA is a highly imaginitive, unique and fresh experience all around, and dare i saw superior to ANY of the main 2D Mario games. It's a one of a kind experience, and has got to be my favorite NES-game of all time without question.

What makes it even more special is that it doesn't even have a sequal....3DWorld basically ripped the cast and their abilities and plunked them in a SM3D Land sequal....while i'm all for the idea, at the same time it's going to tarnish this unique feature from a true spiritual SMB2 USA followup if they EVER bother to do one of course! It's suprising, considering SMB2 USA along with SMB1 are miyamoto's favorite SMB games, he had an amazing time working on 2 because it was just so much different than the first.

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Not really played either, but in my eyes, Super Mario Bros. 2 on the Famicom is always going to be the canon sequel, irregardless of the quality of either.

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Super Mario bros 2 Japan is just more of the same thing as super mario bros just harder. Pretty much agree with @Waveboy on everything he said but while I like the game I don't love it as much as he does, Also Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World are pretty good I think those 3 games are a tie for me.

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Well like a lot of people have said I too liked the US SMB2 over the Japanese one. THe US one was new and fresh while the Lost Levels just felt the same just harder. Its almost like what early DLC should have been like if there was DLC back than. I have never finished the Lost Levels due to the extreme difficulty and the fact that it feels the same as SMB. SMB2 on the other hand is one of my favorite NES games to this day.

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The American one of course

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Super Mario Bros. 2 aka Mario Madness is the 2nd best Mario game ever behind only World IMHO. My @Waveboy autographed copy of SMB 2 is one of my favorite pieces of my retro collection.

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i cant stand smb2 us. guess because its odd and is not REALLY 2JP i love...i guess its the Aries in me that loves the challenge of it.
sure its similar but in no way the same.



I like the Famicom one. (Still playing it to this day. I am on World 9 but have never managed to go though it and you only get one life. I have not played it at all with Luigi yet. Or played any of the A-D Worlds).

I like the way that you have to play it fast and perfect even then I feel like I got lucky on some of the World x-4's. (It gets much harder if you try and do it slow certainly with Mario anyway). It is very clever that it is possible with both Mario and Luigi but it is different. (If you want to play slower then probably use Luigi because he can just high you can miss quite a few of the hardest parts by going along the top).

I hate the NES Super Mario Bros 2 (US version).

I don't play the first one because I can do it pretty much every time.
(I don't like the version of it on all stars either as it changes the physics quite a bit and just doing a level at a time doesn't have the same level of accomplishment.

I think changing it so if you get hit then you only go e.g fire Mario -> Super Mario instead of always to small Mario was a big mistake.

Every one is easier than the last that is what seems to happen. (They should have made the DLC like the lost levels same length much harder and Mario or Luigi.)

There is loads of things that are easier than normal don't see why it is unreasonable to want something to play if you have been playing Super Mario Bros for more than 20 years. (As it stands the lost levels is the last unconquered one for me. I could probably spend time on it and rush through it but then there would be nothing else perhaps ever again).

Even the supposed to be Super Hard DLC levels were easy compared to the lost levels (And the A-D ones are supposed to be even harder).

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I like Super Mario Bros 2 (JP) so much because you can never really just get lucky. (You might once but you will never do it for 4 levels in a row).

It pushes you to play it the way I enjoy playing any game of this type (Or Megaman or NES Duck Tales or Contra - I never stop unless I have no other option at the last possible second.) it is always a risk to go for a mushroom etc. (Some levels I just do a small mario).

I know when I have done it right and that is all I need. (Not bothered about pointless stuff like collecting star coins that were ok for their original purpose of making Mario 64 last longer due to the limitations of the cartridge or achievements (That aren't actually any achievement at all).

(Don't see why just releasing the same thing but harder for people who have mastered the first one is not a reasonable thing to do. They should have left Mario in New Super Luigi U (As the hard mode) just make sure there is always a possible (Even if it requires top speed and complicated wall jump and going on to koopa troopers etc).

(I have the DS the 3DS and the Wii New Super Mario Bros's and have not enjoyed any of them other than the Newer mod for the wii version. (Wasn't massively difficult but it was fun like Mario Bros 3 and World are.) Don't think I will be buying any more unless the Wii U version becomes moddable somehow.

(I loved the WIi DKCR and even Kirby and Warioland for what they were but New Super Mario Bros Wii did nothing for me I didn't enjoy any of it still not been bothered to get the star coins. I didn't enjoy it the first time and for eight extra levels being bored for that length of time not worth it at all.)

The lost levels is a walk in the park compared to the later parts of the dark world in Super Meatboy.
(Or even level 2 onwards in Ghost's and Goblins VC Arcade that I also still enjoy playing).

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The strange about Super Mario Bros. 2 and the South Korean Virtual Console is that South Korea has their Wii Virtual Console games either in Japanese or English. However, most of the Nintendo games, such as Metroid and Legend of Zelda, are all in English. The only first-party NES games that are in Japanese are the Super Mario Bros. games and a Japanese title called Joy Mech Fight. What's really strange about this is that they that "Super Mario USA" in Japanese, but no "Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels" or anything like that. They have Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros. USA, and Super Mario Bros. 3 all in Japanese. No "Super Mario Bros. 2 JP" / "Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels." Isn't that strange to anybody else?

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I see both of them as the weakest in the series. But my vote goes for the American one as the better of the two. The JPN one just feels uninspired. The American game at least has uniqueness going for it.

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^i dont see how a copy&paste hack is "unique" but to each their own.



I'm with Waveboy.

Super Mario Bros 2 USA rocked!



Powerglove2 wrote:

^i dont see how a copy&paste hack is "unique" but to each their own.

Because the original game never came to the West.
For what it's worth, if I had to play one of the two, it'd be the American version because I found it to be more fun. Lost Levels was too unforgiving in its design to encourage me to keep playing.

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Powerglove2 wrote:

^i dont see how a copy&paste hack is "unique" but to each their own.

It is unique in the sense that it is the only one that is significantly harder than any of the rest. Don't see why it is bad to have something for people who have played the original to death so it no longer offers anything for them.

The USA one is also unique in that it is a completely different game to all the rest in the series.

If you want to be pedantic every game is unique as its checksum is different to every other game.

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Costs of doing something like that are next to nothing.

(The sad thing is if you ever do truly master the lost levels they will never likely be any 2D Mario that will ever challenge you ever again).

“30fps Is Not a Good Artistic Decision, It's a Failure”
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LzQuacker wrote:

The American one of course

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Kyloctopus wrote:

I prefer USA, because the levels were more unique. Especially in the remade versions. The music is better, the gameplay is deeper, and was my first Mario game.

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