Topic: Where there any Mario Party games (1-3?) That had an Octopus?

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There are two diving games in Mario Party 1. One has you and a partner working as a team with one diving and one realing the other in. The second is a free for all diving into the sea to get chests while and octopus or two, perhaps a shark swim about and know the treasure chests out of your hand.

I have a vague recollection of a mini game where an octopus chases you up a lane and you have to dive under barrels. But I cannot remember which game that was from.

I hope that was some help?



Are you thinking of Game & Watch Gallery? I haen't played any of the N64 Mario Party games, so I'm probably not going to be of any major help.

I'm back (for the moment)!


In the third game there is an undersea board where tentacles hit you about the board when you land on the green question mark spaces. Could it be that?



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