Topic: When do you use walkthroughs?

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Only when I need to use them and when I do it is sad since I was doing what I should of done all along. Like when a door would not open in Mass Effect 3 for some reason I go to check it out online and I did nothing wrong. I go back to open it and it opens.

I did use them a lot back in my Megaman Battle Network days however




SirSmugleaf wrote:

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I use them when

1) I can't figure out what I need to do to progress and have been trying everything I can think of for hours
2) I don't know how to defeat a miniboss or boss, have tried several times with no luck, and need help strategizing
3) I want to know how to access secrets

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When playing Zelda. Other than that, I never use them.

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I only use them when I'm really stuck



when I'm totally desperate and on the edge of smashing my television screen into pieces

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When I'm stuck. When I wanna beat a game 100% and I can't find everything. And believe it or not...I play every Zelda game using a walkhrough :/
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