Topic: Whats your favorite original Game 'n' Watch game?

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Not the G&W Gallery remakes although if you've only played the original through a G&W Gallery and not the original machine, thats acceptable.

For me it would have to be Vermin. Press left or right to bash moles on the head with a hammer as they pop out of the ground. It may be simple but its a fun fast-paced test of your reactions. I actually prefer the original over the G&W Gallery remake.

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I enjoyed Bombsweeper and Dk jr. II on the dual screen versions

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I liked the version of DK. Also, i loved Fire and Oil Panic. I'm always tempted to pick up some G&Ws through eBay or whatever; probably will one of these days.

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I agree with Bass, Vermin is brilliant. Simple, logical concept where it's easy to keep track of what's going on (games like Fire just turn into a mess of blinking blobs once you get a bit into the game), and while it requires quick thinking and keeping up with the situation, it plays fair and doesn't demand the kind of light-speed movement too many other "be at the right place at the right time"-G&W games do. It also moves at a reasonable pace, instead of forcing you to sit for ten minutes while the game crawls along in order to make newbies capable of getting a score that looks somewhat impressive on paper. A perfect combination.



I liked the Oil game

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I like Donkey Kong the best. But honestly they're all pretty boring games.

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I liked Mario's Bombs Away and Tropical Fish. Mario Bros. I could get to 1,000 points on all difficulties (no joke), Greenhouse is fun, Ball is a classic, and Fire is firey. As for the other titles, funtastic!

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