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WaveBoy wrote:

mega wrote:

@Electricmastro Sadly they have. I wish it was still all about SNES and Genesis. ;(

It's too bad we never saw Nintendo's NEXT 2D 'Sprite based' 32/64 bit platformer. the 16 bit to 32 bit Sprite based transition
happened ONLY on the PS1(saturn counts too i guess) The N64 was basically 3D graphics only.....Talk about variety. yawn*

We saw the big 16-32 bit SpriteLeap on the PS1 with titles such as Rayman(most impressive imo!), Mega Man 8, Mega Man X4-X6, Tomba! Street Fighter Alpha series, Darkstalkers ect ect. I'm so glad i owned both consoles during that generation, because just owning the N64 would of been heavily dissapointing....I couldn't stand the system outside most of the Nintendo exclusives....Even then at that point, i would of rather just stuck with the NES + SNES.

The Saturn has to count cause all those 2D fighters looked and played better on Saturn. Saturn was possibly the best system ever made for 2D but I still feel we never really got to fully see its 3D abilities. Damn Sega with that whole wonky multiple processors idea. - Dayman
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SNES the NES is right behind it though



Malic wrote:

SNES the NES is right behind it though


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WaveBoy wrote:

I'm pretty sure the GBA was 16 bit. The DS you could say was their 32 bit console and it makes sense considering the graphics look simular or kind of close to what the PS1 and N64 churned out. Either way, we never got a 32/64 bit sprite based 2D Mario...Nintendo needs to take a break from the 3D and return to sprite or animated form with their next Mario or Zelda, or I'll be one PO'd Brewster!

Yeah I agree and especially with Metroid. And no. The GameBoy Advance is a 32 bit system. Read the first paragraph of this: Wikipedia


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I have to go with the Wii

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Gamecube, but tht could be because of nostalgia.

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That Wii U hardware review actually made the Wii U sound good enough to get. I may get one and who knows? It may become my 2nd favorite system.


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@mega Second favorite to the SNES, right? >.>

I'm just going to put this out there, but I don't get why some people are putting the Wii out there.... for Mario Party 9? Or is it because New SMB wii?
Or SkyWard Sword? .... Yeah. I just don't get why.

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The Gamecube. I have the most games and played the most on this system.



SNES, no doubt about it, not just eh best Nintendo console, but the best all-aroud console EVER

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@Mr-Metroid If you don't get why people say Wii for Skyward Sword, you need to go play Skyward Sword. Plus, the Wii can play GameCube game, SNES games, N64 games, and NES games, plus it has other great titles like Xenolade Chronicles and Super Mario Galaxy 2. And everything @True_Hero just said below too.

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@Mr-Metroid - People like the Wii because it's fun. It has plenty of excellent games as well, such as NSMBWii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Rayman Origins, Xenoblade Chronicles, Sonic Colors, Metroid: Other M, Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess/Skyward Sword, Kirby's Return to Dreamland, Mario Kart Wii, Metroid Prime Trilogy, etc. I think there are plenty of reasons for Wii to be a favorite console.

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@Gamepro - You do realize @mega made this thread, right? I think it's fine if he mentions Wii U.

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If I was to rank them from my fav to least fav it would go N64, wii, SNES, NES then GC as for handhelds though I'm not sure too close to call there for me maybe give a slight edge to the GBC with GBA and DS tied at 2nd, don't think its fair to include 3DS in there just yet would be trailing way behind anyway but its fairly early days for it yet.



I always give consoles a couple of years to fully grow on me (or not.) Although with me, the SNES has been on the throne for over 20 years, I'd have to say that the Wii is a very close second... at the right hand of the throne.

BTW, @ Reala: Your tagline is classic! ...and so shockingly common-thought.

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NES gotta go back to what I started with


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No Contest.



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