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It was at my neighbours' house around the summer of 1982. It was either playing Pong on their TV or their orange Donkey Kong Game & Watch (on which I never quite made it to the second screen). Their dad bought all the newfangled things, and I think he had picked them both up at the same time on a business trip.

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1988, I remember coming home from nursery one day to learn my dad had bought a NES. I remember my brother humming the Mario tune and I saw it on top of the cabinet. I must've known what it was, by seeing adverts for it on TV or something but I don't remember those. I just remember that moment. HA my brother got a thrashing for spoiling the surprise. We didn't end up with many games for the NES, only Mario, Duck Hunt, Castlevania and Faxanadu. I didn't even realise you could change the cartridges because we were never allowed to. I was confused when I came home from nursery one day to see Belmont slaying ghouls wondering why it's not some plumber jumping plant pots. I must've been no older than 4. I've loved gaming ever since!

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Playing Sea Wolf at the local arcade somewhere in the summer of 1977. I was 14 years old at the time. They also had a Western-style shooter (Gunsmoke?) that didnt impress me much but they were the very first video games i ever saw and played. Those were the days, my friends...

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Got my first NES in 1987 when I was 6, me and my dad would play Kung Fu all day.



My earliest gaming memory? Playing Super Mario Bros. 3 when I was around 2 or 3. Ah, good times. I bought the GBA version of that later so I could play without the NES glitches.



My earliest gaming memory is playing Spider-Man: Enter Electro...

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Super Mario 64 &/OR Mario Kart 64

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It was 2005, I was 8. My brother knew a couple of friends(he was in 5th grade). He got a Game Boy Color, he brought it home and my parents put it in their closet for a few months. My brother then got a Game Boy Pocket from one of his friends a couple months later. He got a Pokemon Gold and Silver from a dumb kid. I played Silver, being extremely amazed at all the cool stuff that was going on. Pokemon Silver made me a fan of Pokemon. A couple of weeks later my brother got a copy of Donkey Kong (94) He played it really extremely. He got stuck. I played it and ruled the game.It took my until 5th grade to complete it, just because I got sidetracked by a PS2 from 3rd to 5th grade, playing Need for Speed Underground 2 and other great racing games. But my greatest moment was when I got a GameCube in 2010. I find many games on the GameCube more enjoyable just because of the controller and just because I can connect a Game Boy Advance to it. I can battle my Pokemon in Pokemon Colosseum and XD. Video games are just great.

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The first game I remember playing is Ty The Tasmanian Tiger 2 for Gamecube. It was such a fun game, but I was young, and never finished the game
But I can remember playing a Kart Racing minigame in the game with my dad and sister, and that was really fun

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I don't remember too much about what my first games played were.. All I know was that my first two systems I played on were pc and genesis..

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my earliest gaming memory is me and dad buying Commodore 64 tapes from the news stand, around 1987. I was 4. I dunno how we ended up having a Commodore 64 at home though. Thing is, my dad was never at home and those bloody tapes where a pain to use, especially for a kid who couldn't read italian — I remember having a hard time trying to get them to work properly. So, my earliest memories involve a lot of tapes but very little gaming.

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I think my first console gaming experience must have been playing Sonic 2 on a Genesis at the YMCA. I was so proud that I figured out how the launchers in Casino Night Zone worked before everybody else. As for handheld, it was either Kirby's Dreamland or Pokemon Blue.

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Earliest memories are playing Alex Kidd in Miracle World , an Asterix game, a Taz tazmanian tiger and a Disney Mickey Mouse game on our Sega Master System (type 2). this would have been between 1995 and 1998.



I'm pretty sure it was playing tetris on my super Nintendo. Its a shame it got stolen.


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Odyssey. my first home console.


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My earliest gaming memory is my father teaching me how to wall climb in Megaman X for the SNES.


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Playing Centipede on the Atari 2600 in 1988.

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I remember me and my bro going to my neighbors party when we were little because we were friends with the neighbor kid and his friend that we kinda knew. Soon enough all four of us got bored because the party was mostly adults talking so we went to our friends room where we played Mario Kart 64. I vaguely remember anything else except that I chose Yoshi.
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Pong and Space Invaders in the late 70s. Not sure which came first for me, but I can remember standing on a chair to play SI.



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