Topic: What's your earliest gaming memory?

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Crystal Castles on my Atari. Aw man, those were the days. I miss that game. I was mad about Millipede too.

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My babysitters son getting pokemon silver and letting me catch a pokemon, but i failed (i was 5)



tetris on the gameboy is the earliest that i can remember

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The first I played was pokémon blue I think. It belonged to my brother.
And the first I owned was Asterix und Obelix - Auf der Suche Nach Idefix for the Gameboy Color. (Dunno what the English title is but literally translated it means: Asterix and Obelix: On the search for Idefix) I loved that game... it's my earliest gaming memory and my earliest game frustration memory D:
I had to do a chariot race where I had to smash the B-Button repeatedly. I had to win to proceed but I was always last although I pressed the button as fast as I could...too bad the GBC has no turbo-controller...

P.S: I don't even know if Asterix and Obelix is really known and popular in the US It's a French comicbook series about the Romans and Gauls. It's well known here in Germany but I'm not sure if it's common in the US too...

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I Think it was watching my cousin play the C64, games like Mermaid Madness and games of kids shows like Postman Pat and Trapdoor.



When my Dad got out his Genesis and we played it. We played Sonic the Hedgehog. But I didn't want to go to bed once it was late so when at the Sonic title screen when Sonic waggles his finger my Dad told me Sonic was saying, " Ah ah ah Spencer! Go to bed " And I liked Sonic so I listened to him.


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The first time I played a Mario game the game was Super Mario Bros. and I was five years old

Im a big fan of Mario games :)

Im also a nintendo nerd :P
Nintendo inpires me a lot o w o


This thread makes me feel old.
Even more than usual.

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I played Pokemon Ruby (Yes, I'm young ) while my brother was at school, sneaking around to grab his copy. There was also something I remember playing. but don't remember the title- it had the main character living in a castle, and I remember she had blond hair. She was rebelling from her father or whatever, slashing away at enemies around her area with a katana. If anyone has any idea what the game might be, please tell me (Btw, it's on GBA.). Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (Red Rescue Team) was the first game I owned to myself, in first grade.

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My father teaching me how to wall climb in Megaman X.


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Playing Kirby's Dreamland on my Game Boy Color.

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Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 on my GBA.

Yeah, I may not have lived in the 80s, but I started my gaming life with the classics.

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Opening up a fresh new Nintendo Entertainment System back in 89' at my aunts house and experiencing Super Mario Bros for the first time. Where my Step Cousin who was about 14 helped me out from time to time, especially with Kid Icarus and getting the code to go straight to Mike Tyson in Punch-Out!! from one of her friends at work over the phone. I can remember that moment and her giant 80's perm while getting TKO'd by Mike's Lightning fast uppercuts like it were yesterday.

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Opening up the original Nintendo Gameboy and Pokemon Red on Christmas Morning. I played it nonstop until the batteries died, only back then we didn't have wall chargers, so I had to wait until tomorrow morning to go to the store to get some AA's. That night I had dreams of Charmanders dancing in my head. Man those were the days.



I remember a long time ago, when my brother was playing Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast. Yep... Good times...

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Playing Bayonetta 2 on my wiiu

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Playing Bayonetta 2 on my wii u

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as soon as i was delivered my own mother choked me with the wires of a magnavox odyssey controller in the hospital. ive been gaming ever since.

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