Topic: Whats the Statute of Limitations for Spoiler Warnings?

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In your opinion, how long after a game comes out do we have to wait before talking about it freely w/o the "Spoiler Warning"?

I mean after so long the person who hasn't played it yet is at fault and we shouldn't have to make special notes for them, right?

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If it was me about two and a half weeks i'd say, atleast 1 hour a night would be about 16 hours, thats enough to complete most games nowadays.



personally, i think a couple of years is long enough, but no matter what length of time you come up with, lol, it's always best not to be a douche... if you want to talk freely about something, just make a note in the topic title that there may be spoilers, or just ask first if everyone present has played the game or cares about whether or not it's spoiled for them. :3
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IMO, there IS no statute of limitations on spoiler warnings. You have people who just take forever to get around to playing old games he missed out on at release (such as...the entire PS1 catalog, for me), plus people who simply weren't around at the time but want to brush up on gaming's just plain RUDE to give massive spoilers like that.

Of course...even I have to admit that this stance is not at ALL practical. I DEFINITELY disagree with Croz's point of view (ever heard of people who don't buy the game on the day of release?). Two years doesn't sound TOO bad, I guess...though I'd opt for more like 3-5 if a limit must be imposed at all.

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This is a good argument for bringing in spoiler tags, or whatever you call them, the ones you have to highlight to see the text.

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Terranigma wrote:

This is a good argument for bringing in spoiler tags, or whatever you call them, the ones you have to highlight to see the text.

There are more useful things that are more needed like a search function, and multiquote.


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