Topic: What's the most obscure console you've ever owned?

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GamePark 32 then probably the NeoGeo Pocket wasn't a massive fan of either. Most obscure out of the ones I likes was the Sega Saturn (though not really obscure, more a commercial failure).

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Lol @Gamesake

I used to own a Sega Pico. It's a system that was meant to encourage children to play video games. There was a Sonic game, a Pooh Bear game, and a Mickey mouse game that I had. Here's the sweet console/controller:


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Fun question! Mine has to be the Microvision - the first handheld console with interchangeable games, way back around 1980. I still have it and it still works, although it's incredibly primitive by today's standards. (My avatar is my 3DS Mii superimposed over my Microvision with the Blockbuster game running.)
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I've got a CD-i and two GAme Gears. NEVER knew about anyone that one another one. NEVER.




I had a pong console when I was a kid that also had a shooting game on it. It was extremely obscure. Unfortunately it died in a house fire (with my NES )
It was this or a close model:


Also had a Commodore VIC. It played games both on cartridges and tapes (good ol' tape player)

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a Game Gear...thats the only thing i can think of.

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I guess mine was probably the sega 32X-if that can be considered a console.

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SEGA Genesis. I am a kid and mostly spend time with kids thanks to school, and most of them only know about Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii. I told them I had a SEGA Genesis, and they said, "Aren't those the guys that make those crappy kiddy games?"


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Does the Sega Nomad count?



This isn't exactly a game console, but I still have my old Commodore 64. Now my most obscure game console were those electronic games from Mcdonalds.

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Nokia N-Gage. I actually liked playing Tony Hawk, Rayman and Bomberman on it but those were the only games I bought as I didn't care about others.

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