Topic: What's the most obscure console you've ever owned?

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We've all got an N64 or a snes tucked away in the loft that we dust off from time to time but but how many other more obscure consoles do you own (or haved owned)

For me the most obscure was probably the Phillips CDI, I don't know anyone else on a personal level that owned one



Virtual Boy and Dreamcast


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In order the order of how many units each one sold here are my top 3. the sales numbers come from Wikipedia
1. Tiger (yes I really own one and I still do)! Sales fewer than 300,000
2. Neo Geo Pocket Color (I love this thing so hard) Sales 2 million
3. Gameboy Micro (it might be even better than the SP)Sales 2.42 million
I am hoping to get a Tiger Telematics Gizmondo and a Gameboy Light sometime in the future. I know the Gizmondo sold less than 25,000 units, but I not sure how many the Light sold either way those two will (hopefully) be the rarest I ever get.

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Sega Saturn.

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I thought there would be more PS Vita owners here. my pants.


One of those game and watches. I believe it's ball.

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Sega Saturn....Had it for a few months or so and traded it in for a the playstation during it's launch period. Best move i ever did.
Plus i still have my VIrtual Boy, but it's broken. I also i had a Mint CIB US copy of the incredibly rare Jack. Bros. Sold it for about $90

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A complete Magnavox Odyssey that I bought from Goodwill a few months ago. Also have a Virtual Boy tucked away in my storage.

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WonderSwan Color (granted it's not THAT obscure)
Famicom Disk System (also not too unusual)
Um... Tiger handhelds? (still got a couple of them)



Vectrex, my first video game system. Coleco Adam Computer, which could play Colecovision games too, could count as well, I suppose.

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It's literally the most obscure console I have ever owned. /badjoke
As for uncommon consoles, none that I can think of. Just like my games, my consoles have been pretty mainstream.

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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HarmoKnight wrote:


Yet you can't properly write the NGage's name?



Atari Jaguar, Watara Supervision (GB clone), iQue Player (== Chinese N64), Pokémon Mini


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@Morphtroid Well it did have one of the most obscure controllers ever.

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Amstrad CPC 464, had a keyboard with a built in tape deck and had a monochrome monitor that only displayed in green and black.

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My Intellvision with about 30 games...

Which was quite fun,,,, with the exception of the controller and the stupid plastic covers you would put over the # buttons and each game had their on plastic game controller cover... and you either lost them or they got torn.. which means it was hard to play any game with out them

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