Topic: What is your favorite Zelda game and why?

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I'll start this off by saying that i like the original Legend of Zelda the best because it is a complete classic and there is so much fun to have in it.
But annother argueable choice would be Ocarina of time because everyone knows that that game is awesome!

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Hmm, my absolute favorite is hands-down Majora's Mask. Great story, dungeons, visuals, ideas, etc. Well-executed game all-around. My only complaint is that it was too short (needs more of the good stuff )

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My absolute favorite would be The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Such a great adventure. Everything felt like it had a purpose, even the smallest cave you explored held something of interest. The world was just so alive and filled with stuff to find. Not to mention the awesome items like the Golden Sword (most awesome sword ever in a Zelda game) etc.

It is just amazing. I'm hoping for a 3D Classics remake of this title on 3DS éShop.

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I always feel so unoriginal when I say it, but Ocarina of Time. Yes because it's a great game, but also because of a loooot of nostalgia. When I was younger and had just gotten into videogames (with a Gameboy for Pokemon and an N64 for whatever else), I didn't really have any knowledge of the games I was playing. One day I skateboarded a massive distance to a movie rental store, and saw some N64 games for sale for cheap. I grabbed the coolest looking ones (F Zero X, Extreme G 2, and Ocarina of Time) and hurried on home. Upon starting up OoT and wandering around in the Kokiri forest... I was in love.

Ah to be young again.



I dont know about Majoras Mask as of yet till i download it from VC , But Ocarina of Time , just Brilliant



I absolutely adorded majora's mask. The dungeon where my favorite part. They were unique compared to many othe zelda dungeons imo. They masks then added a whole new level of depth to them. The storyline was my favorite, and admittedly gave me nightmares as a child. I would have haunting dreams about majora killing me. I also enjoyed the music and it's generally darker tone. It wasn't as dark as twilight princess but still was pretty dark.

I must awknowldege Wind waker though. It ushered in the toon link style, which some hate, but i found quite fitting. the music that was constructed for this game was brilliant. It went along with the graphics perfectly. The story is very unique just as majora's mask was, and that makes it fresh and renewing playing it again if i ever get bore. The amount of islands to explore and treasure hunting felt so good!

Now that i think about it idk which of these two is my favorite...

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Majora's Mask.

It's one of the very few games that has genuinely moved me and I discover something new every time I play it. From the great dungeons (pound for pound, as great any other set in the series imo), the excellent soundtrack (ditto), the darker and sadder storyline, the overworld that actually has stuff to do in it, the character exploration, the rewards for exploring Termina and its citizens, the varied gameplay, the colorful yet moody visual style, I love every single inch of that game. It may not be perfect for everybody, but it's perfect for me; it just hits every single one of my spots.

It's my favorite game ever made, if that wasn't already apparent.

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I have to agree with Some_Chords, but if i was completely forced to, I would choose Wind Waker. It's Creative Atmosphere and how it took a different turn for the series, but everybody hated it because of the art style, so Ninty went back to making Loz:OoT 7 times. But I also liked Twilight Princess. It had the urgent, epic moments that you see in current games like uncharted. It also had sad moments, which i never thought i would almost shed a tear in a video game. I had always dreamed a mix of the 2, and I thought skyward sword would be that, but it wasn't, not saying its bad, but it is NOT the mix of TP and WW I was expecting.
Choosing between WW and TP is extremely hard. So, Im just gonna go with the game that had a mix of elements from both, MM. But, I love Zelda, and every game that comes out (except CD-i and 2). Long.Live.Zelda.

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Not only my favorite Zelda, but my favorite game ever is the original Legend of Zelda. It was amazing to discover the secrets then and I still find new ones when I play now. It was brutally difficult, full of exploration that doesn't tell you exactly where to go next like all of them since the NES days do. It is one of the very few games that I can play over and over again and never get bored.


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Ocarina of Time FTW. The first time I saw the land of Hyrule in 3D gave me goose bumps. Everything about this game was a really treat. From riding across Hyrule on Epona's back to the final showdown with Ganon. The only game that can come close is A Link to the Past.

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i love majoras mask the best but to all you majoras mask fans,this game was shorten,the game was shorten because it was one of the last n64 games and game cube was coming out,the original plan was to have 7 days,6 temples,story of how majoras mask was made and more things i cant remember

edit:if they make a remake on the 3ds,i hope then can put this in with majoras mask if they can like master quest in oot 3d

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Im not realy sure... OoT, SS and TP are all ecual(I know i spelled that wrong)

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Majora's Mask for reasons you all already know and have been said and Twilight Princess because it was supposed to be in 2006 what OOT was in 1998 and succeeded (but also means it's inevitable that it won't be as good as Majora's Mask when I play the game again)

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My favorite Zelda game is the The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Overall, Zelda seems comparable to Metroid in that Link explores areas and then can further explore these areas via discovering a new item. With Zelda though, there is more complicated puzzles, and for me that has created a stop and go experience while playing the Zelda series. Phantom Hourglass is the only Zelda game I feel comes close to matching up with Metroid's level of puzzle solving. I admire the reward of the environments through the simple actions of slashing grass, throwing rocks, digging up holes, etc, and this is why I like the shovel item despite many going "WTF a shovel?" over the item. The game's use of the stylus really helped make the sword play, throwing bombs, using the boomerang, etc more immersive than what I later experienced outside of the DS entries. Phantom Hourglass really wowed me with its use of the two screens at once for several of the boss battles, using them not just for the size factor of the enemy, but also as an expansion of the arena and perspectives in an encounter.

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Twilight Princess. Much better than that casual Skyward Sword crap.

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i think spirit tracks is the best



While I very much like Ocarina of Time, having played both the original and the 3D version, I'm really torn between Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. They are both completely different from eachother. I just love everything about how Wind Waker looks and feels. It has an amazing style with both its presentation and its musical atmosphere. I love the sense of adventure when out on the great sea, and the Link in this game is my favorite. Twilight Princess on the other hand, is so epic, and to me has some of the most iconic and memorable moments in Zelda history. Its very hard to choose. So I would say I equally look at them both as my favorites.

Skyward Sword I'm still playing and I'm loving it so far!

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My list

Ocarina of Time (Favorite game ever)
Twilight Princess
Skyward Sword
Wind Waker
Majora's Mask
A Link to the Past
Link's Awakening
The Legend of Zelda
Spirit Tracks
Phantom Hourglass
Four Swords Adventures
Adventure of Link

I don't feel comfterble putting the Oracle games and Minish Cap on here because I haven't played them enough really.
I wish they'd put the orcale games on the e-shop. Still own the GBC version's somewhere though I think...
Played some Minish cap for being a 3DS ambassador but honestly got a little tired of it with all the other Zelda games I was playing at the time and didn't make it very far.

Also, the last half of this list was very difficult for me. They are all great games so even the last few are not to be looked down upon really.
Hated putting the original that far reality though, it may be the most meaninful game of time. Again, they are all great.

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