Topic: What is your best team in the GB/GBC/GBA Pokemon games?

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My best team in Pokemon Crystal was:

Typhlosion Level 65

Donphan Level 65

Lanturn Level 65 (SHINY.)

Crobat Level 65 (ALSO A SHINY, I encounter a lot of Shiny Zubats...)

Extremespeed Dragonite.

Jynx, because stuff.

Sadly, some jerk kid stole my copy years back while my family was at a diner because our house was being showcased (meaning people who were looking for houses could walk around and check it out.), I came back to find it gone, my parents found the kid and confronted the parents, they finally believed my parents and told their kid to return the game, but he simply threw it into the sink full of game couldn't function after that.

Anyways, best team on the GB/GBC/GBA games, I traded with my friends alot, so yeah.

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Pokemon Gold:

1. Feraligatr
2. Anybody else, it didn't matter, my Feraligatr alone would wipe the floor with everyone, even Red, all in one hit (okay, SOMETIMES two hits...). I seriously think there was a bug with Slash on Gold.

Pokemon Red (my second copy):

Basically, I copied Red's team from Pokemon Gold, but it was a GREAT team.

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I had a rather awesome team (I thought then) in Ruby: Blaziken, Breloom, Pelipper, Linoone, Mightyena and, and... oh yeah, Swallow! (I hope I got the names right, it was so long ago I played it) I know they are all Pokemon that are to be found early in the game, but I guess I simply was too lazy to train new ones, and wanted to save that until I'd defeated the Elite Four. I'm playing White now, and then I have a more flexible party, when I add one new Pokemon for each gym, and remove another (I always keep the starter in my team though, because it's... well... my starter). It's nice with a change, I think.



Blaziken(it was special, no matter what happened it avoided ALL earthquakes I don't even know how it managed to do so)
Rayquaza(I didn't know about banned pokémon, out of Battle Frontier, at the time and didn't want to train more Pokémons...)
only Rayquaza was bellow Lv. 100

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