Topic: What is the crown jewel of your collection?

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What is the one item you could never part with in your retro games collection? Could be anything ...a game, a book, toys.... your most treasured item.

For me its this. I still own the original copy I had as a kid, complete with every sticker.

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Well, it was my sealed copy of T&C Surf(My Avatar is the BoxArt for those that don't know) for the NES until i spontaneously ripped it open on a hot summery afternoon. Now that it's no longer sealed, I'm going to have to go with my super duper rare 1990 Super Mario Bros. 3 'SkyLand' McDonalds Happymeal BOX.

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Here are my Crownand Jewels.

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I don't realy have a "crown jewel", or anything super rare, but I do have some things I am glad to own. My NES cart of Princess Tomato, my sealed StarTropics, my boxed copy of Shadowgate and my Sega CD. Not selling anything over the years has it's advantages



Hmmm.... in terms of games, I'm probably going to say Ikaruga. Even now it's till a pretty rare game to find. For collector's items, I love my gamestop Punch Out shirt that was won in a competition.

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Collector's item... It's not retro, but my framed Skyward Sword 25th anniversary misprint poster.

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My Otomedius Excellent body pillow. my pants.



When I lost my GB/GBC/GBA collection this was the only one remaining, which is lucky, because it's also the one that was most valuable to me. Not an especially rare game, but it is a fantastic one.

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Most Valuable: Eartbound CIB
PersonalFavorite: mint but opened Super Metroid CIB

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I have the special 25th anniversary edition of the entire Final Fantasy game library, imported from Japan. That's pretty cool.

I have the special edition soundtrack of Final Fantasy XIII. That's awesome.

I've just ordered a bunch of Atelier series character miniatures:



Metroid Prime's the best game I ever played so I guess that. Pretty amusing that the plastic over the front cover is noticeable cut from when I first opened it. Using a knife most likely. I'm sure that was the best idea I ever had.

Not retro but I also have my copy of Fragile Dreams which is just a black box. Not cover, no anything. Just a box.

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I dunno about rare, but Banjo Kazooie on my N64 is probably my best "retro" game (Not counting Ps2 if that's considered retro) but in terms of rare, I'd say my copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy is decently rare.

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Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX. The only GBC game I have that represents that part of my childhood.

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SkywardLink98 wrote:

(Not counting Ps2 if that's considered retro)

I consider it retro now, from what I heard it has been discontinued

anyways, Super Mario World since it's my favorite game of all time, and it's the first revision with the darker background and horizontal logo for the game XD

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I have an original Mike Tyson's Punch Out, an NES copy of Popeye and two sealed copies of Harvest Moon 64.

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Probably my complete package of Earthbound with game, guide, and box along with all the inserts and stuff.

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