Topic: What is the best Mario kart out of the three?

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Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Is by far the best. Best courses, best characters. I know it didn't have retro courses which sucked, but it did have two characters per kart, and my favorite, character specific items. Not to mention its great battle stages. I think the worst out of any Mario Kart is Mario Kart DS. I haven't played it in probably almost 3 years, but as far as I remember there is a reason why... It was just soooo boring to me, with maybe 3 good tracks, MAYBE. I didn't like the kart system either, and I thought R.O.B was a weird choice for a character. Anyhoo 64 and Wii are great too.

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I play MK:DD the most, with my wife, but it does get boring sometimes with no retro courses, and there are a handful of tracks I absolutely hate.
My absolute favourite had to be MKDS - the tracks were great, the ability to use any character in any kart, and all the missions and bosses really added replay value to it.

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