Topic: What is the best Mario kart out of the three?

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Mario kart wii, hands down.

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Last I checked there were 7 (with an 8 coming soon) so I'lll just say Mario Kart DS

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Mario kart 64,double dash, or wii? Sorry for making these type of threads, I can't find another way to get replies...

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This makes Mario Kart 8 confusing.

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Double Dash was the most fun. Having two people in one kart was great, and there were a lot of nice characters (Even if Wii had more overall).

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super mario kart. It focuses more on racing rather than being a 'luck of the draw' item frenzy.



DS version as 7 didint have VS mode which dissapointed me greatly

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On a gameplay standpoint, probably Double Dash. But Wii is my favourite simply because I've spent the most time with it. It would be 7 if it had a single player VS mode.

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DoubleDash was the best if you had someone to play with, but Wii really blew me outta the water gameplay wise.

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I've only played Mario Kart Wii, so yeah. It has great and super-fun gameplay.



Double Dash had the most amazing tracks, in my opinion.

Mario Kart Wii was fun, and had pretty good courses of its own (plus retro tracks!), but I think it was really bogged down by item balancing. The increase from 8 racers to 12 racers meant more getting hit with items and less time racing.

I haven't played 7, so I don't really have any input. People seem to like it, but I always have too much trouble finding other people to play the portable versions with..



I'm split between MK 64, Double Dash and MK Wii. I love MK 64 because I have so much great memories growing up with it. Double Dash is amazing mostly due to the battle modes, and Wii because of the online..

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Out of 64, Double Dash and Wii?

Hard to judge. Probably the Wii game for having better characters and more options, as well as the nice ability to be hacked and give you all the tracks you want from Mario Kart 64 and Double Dash! Like so:

So yeah, Mario Kart Wii wins out against all of them, since not only is the 'normal' game just plain better, but people have custom made all the tracks from Mario Kart 64 and Double Dash and imported them into Mario Kart Wii.

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I remember the day i popped in Mario Kart 64 and being so dissapointed. The SNES original had so much charm, spunk, personality, with it's unique sprite based graphics and the fact that it was the first of it's kind just made it all the more special. I could never get into MK64, i was always put off by the barren blurry textured simple 3D graphics...Something just felt off, i guess you could say. That's what happens when you make that 16-bit leap to blooming first wave 3D graphics, something gets lost in the transition. I was never a big fan of MK DS either.... my personal top 3 picks >

Super Mario Kart
Mario Kart: Super Circuit!
Mario Kart Wii

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MK64 for me. So much good memories.



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