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Why do I keep going back to the N64? Right now I have my Wii set up in my living room which I play as frequently as I can and while I have the option of a few things in my office right now I'm playing the N64 in there. I've got 20 year old Commodore 1084 monitor that supports both S-Video/RGB so I'm playing my N64 with S-Video on it. There's something that draws me to this system for some very odd reason. I mean I was in high school when it came out so it's doesn't have the same grasp on my kid senses as the NES or SNES but it has something else.

Right now I'm playing through Goldeneye 007 trying to get my skills back up and working on 00 Agent as well as all the cheats I can unlock. My aiming definitely isn't quite as solid as it was during my peak 007 gaming time but my speed is better. I'm also playing a bit of Diddy Kong Racing in between. While Mario Kart 64 was usually considered king I always preferred Diddy Kong for it's adventure mode single. So much content for just a Kart Racer.

There are some other games I may go back to like Jet Force Jemini, Banjo Kazooie/Tooie (even though I've played them to DEATH), Blast Corps (don't think I ever fully completed it), perhaps even Zelda/Mario 64. Conker's Bad Fur Day I just finally completed about a year or two ago so it's too fresh and Perfect Dark I've played through partly a few times but I find it a bit hard to get into, especially with the extremely low frame-rate. Heck I'd even consider buying some more games.

Anyone else have an odd fascination with the N64? For a system with such a limited catalog of games and serious hardware limitations it really had some gems. It was pretty much the birth and peak of 3D platforming. I have a friend with a similar obsession though it was his first Nintendo system having had a Commodore 64 and perhaps a Genesis previously.

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I have no idea I haven't touched that thing in years.

Maybe you just have an unique fascination with it, like I do with wheely chairs.



I can say without regret I have never been "obsessed" with the N64.
Super Nintendo? Oh yeah I love that system!
N64? Nope.

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I personally love the N64. Unfortunately, I foolishly sold it to get the Gamecube in around 2002, and I haven't had another one since. Luckily, my friend has one so I play his sometimes. He also has Conkers, Goldeneye, Zelda, and Mario 64 as well as plenty of other good games. My brother had had the SNES previously, but I was too young to really get into it before we got the N64. You're right, it was pretty much the peak of 3D platforming and it definitely had some hardware limitations, but the excellency of so many of its games completely make up for it. The Wii to me seems like sort of the opposite, having great hardware but not that many great games.

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I'm like that with my Dreamcast.

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I never thought it was odd. I've always been obsessed with the 64. Perfect Dark is one in particular I go back and play obsessively for a few weeks every so often. And then, of course, who can forget Ocarina of Time?

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i know why i keep coming back
its the controller
for some weird reason i just love it.
oh and f-zero x ofc.

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I'm pretty sure I enjoyed the SNES a lot more at one time I just seem to have forgotten how much. I think I may have overplayed it. I'm surprised it didn't catch fire.



3-D platformers died after this system. Some of the levels in oo7 and Perfect Dark were pretty awesome. Jet Force Gemini was really cool, but I got stuck on this one level. There were way too many guys shooting me, I couldn't figure out how to not die. I take cover, I get blown up I run and gun, I just plain die.

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I probably don't qualify for this thread since my first console was a N64, but I find that that unique selection of games keeps me coming back. You had Mario 64 and Mario kart, you had Zelda, you had Starfox 64, you had Banjo-Kazooie, you had Orge Battle Tactics 64, you even had Goldeneye. There was almost something for everybody.

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Mario Party 2. My sister and I play it all the time.


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hell yeah, mario party 2

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V8+Ninja wrote:

There was almost something for everybody.

Not if you liked RPGs (yes, I'm aware of the Zelda games) or fighting games.

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Same here. I always find my self playing it, even though most of my library has already been re-downloaded via virtual console. There's just something about that system...not sure what it is

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I have my fondest gaming memories playing the N64. I think the funniest one was that I got really scared when it turned to night in Hyrule Field and those Stalchilds came out of the ground. I got freaked out.

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I definitely love my N64, so much so that I bought a refurbished one at GameStop a while back after my original crapped out (and then got stolen). I have it plugged in as well and I'll occasionally play some WCW/NWO Revenge, Goldeneye and NFL Blitz 2001 on it. Good times...

I should go back and play through Banjo-Tooie and Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire sometime, hell, or maybe play through OoT again...

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