Topic: What game do you want with New Play Control?

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Hey quick question for everyone listing games.

Who would you like to make these?



AlexSays wrote:

Hey quick question for everyone listing games.

Who would you like to make these?

Let me finish that for ya...

Who would you like to make these instead of brand new titles?

I made Kid Tripp! PocketGamer gave it a 9 out of 10! You should totally buy it now!
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Mario Sunshine NPC to go with Galaxy 2

As for non-Nintendo ports, a trilogy of KH, KHreCoM, and KH2 would be nice. Especially if they bring over the 'international' versions.

A trilogy of Twin Snakes, and MGS2 and 3 would be nice well; especially if Twin Snakes were reworked to make the trilogy experience 'tighter' (more similar graphics, etc.)

Indigo Prophecy and Beyond Good and Evil would probably be a great fit, with their cenematic styling (16:9), and still-impressive graphics; although I probably wouldn't buy either of them again.

And as always, I'm still hoping for a Shenmue Saga release on Wii. Shenmue, new gameplay to fill in the Boat chapter, Shenmue 2, and finish the series off with Shenmue 3. 16:9, graphics/audio update (including possibly totally redone voice-overs/translation), use the IR pointer to control FREE. Incorporate Shenmue 2 (and 3)'s improvements into the original, such as the time skip feature. Add a 'warp' feature, that allows you to automatically cover ground. Rework the QTEs to be much shorter, much simpler, and less frustrating (especially Shenmue 2's more drawn-out 'I hope you like memorizing button combos' trips). Add new puzzles and side-plots to draw in old fans. And while you're at it, SEGA, I want a goddamn pony.



Mario SuperStar Baseball and Super Mario Sunshine.

Just for you.
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Wind Waker is the only thing I care about; since I'll always forever will be a die hard Zelda fan!
Would be great if it had same Wii Remote & Nunchuck controls as Twilight Princess; but you could use the Wind Waker as an actual baton to play songs!
And yes Super Mario Sunshine would be nice too; I'd play that one more often than the GameCube version!

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