Topic: What documentation came with the NES Action Set?

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I bought a mint in the box 1988 NES "Action Set" which has everything including the console manual, zapper manual, NES poster, warranty registration, BUT...

I think it's missing some other paperwork and documentation that would have been included, like a Nintendo power leaflet and the little Nintendo quality assurance card, or something else???

Doesn't anyone have a pics or a list of exactly every single piece of documentation that would have been included was? I'm going to need to track it all down on eBay lol.

Thanks! Alex

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1988 Nintendo "Action Set", First Release. RetroZone PowerPak.


I don't know about a quality assurance card, I would think that is part of the warranty registration, but depending on what Action Set you have there should be a Nintendo Power insert of some type.

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it ought to have the Super Mario Brothers instruction booklet, too.



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