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'But what are your favourite stages?' I hear you cry, well, if you let me get a word in edgeways I'll tell you:

Great Bay
Mushroom Kingdom (SSB)
Saffron City
Mario Bros.
Hyrule Castle (SSB)
Peach's Castle (Melee)
Dream Land: Green Greens
Pirate Ship
Big Fish (a custom stage of mine that features the Big Fish & podium you see when you finish a cup in SMK; it's wicked I tell you)

I struggled to narrow it down to 10, but still managed to include my own creation, that's ego for you.

So, what are your favourite stages throughout the series?



Thank you for hearing my cry.

My favorites:

  • New Pork City (though I hate it online.. big stages are not meant for 2 minute matches)

It is not only from my favorite game, but it looks great, the Ultimate Chimera is cool, and I like big stages for stock matches. Oh, and aside from Midna's Lament, it has all the best music in Brawl!

  • That Pokemon one... Mount something? With the top section and bottom section.

I love all the weird effects, turning the screen, reversing controls, slowing it down, etc.

  • Smashville

Nice simple level.

  • Onett (Melee)

From my other favorite game.

  • Saffron City (N64)

I have many fond memories of sitting on the side tower and just using PK Thunder constantly so no one can get near me, haha. I would get SSB on VC just for that.

  • Fourside (Melee)

Again, from Earthbound. This one has a great atmosphere, though it's ironically a bad level for Ness since he can't recover with Thunder between buildings and doesn't have wall jump.

I'm probably leaving out a ton of levels, but those are my tops. I also made many custom levels, but I don't know any offhand. Been awhile since I've used them since I mostly play online lately.

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I like the music called 'Humoresque of a little dog' or something like that for New Pork City.

Fourside is a great stage and fairly simple to recreate on Brawl. Onett sometimes has weird music that makes it sound like a Xmas special stage or something (anyone know what I mean?).

I generally prefer stock matches, but I don't like stages that are really big, Corneria/Sector Z is the limit for me.



Honestly, if New Pork weren't from Mother 3 and with such great music, I'd have a harder time justifying how much I like it. It is a bit too hard to KO unless you throw someone off the side of the screen or meteor smash / toadstool hop someone near the bottom (which I'm not too good at). I prefer stock matches, too. I don't like rushed matches.

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My favourite is corneria, followed closely by pirate ship.

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I was surprised Great Bay didn't make it into Brawl, I guess there were already enough Zelda stages.

I never get used to those canon balls coming at you on the Pirate Ship.

I don't really like Final Destination, I prefer Battlefield or other stages that have a fairly neutral layout.

The only stages I really dislike are the Ice Climber and Donkey Kong vertical stages.

With a lot of the stages being fairly similar in layout I think it's the theme that can often make a stage for you. That's why I think it would be good if you could have a paint style function on Stage Builder to draw a background. I know I'd spend hours on it.



Well, the idea was to only have one Melee stage from each franchise. And Hyrule Castle is a classic, so you can't leave that out. It's unfortunate, though. Great Bay and Fourside were too good to leave behind, I thought, and probably other stages I've just forgotten now. Honestly, I wish they had made all of the old stages in exchange for the Subspace Emissary... but oh well.

I agree about Final Destination, too. The lack of platforms is annoying, and I'll take Battlefield over it any day. I find the overuse of FD online especially annoying.

The vertical scrolling stages are fun, but only on occasion. It becomes much more about platforming and position than fighting, so it almost feels mini-game-ish.

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Dang It, my sis got me hooked on that dang WarioWare stage (Brawl)

I love the uniqueness of all of the stages. Remarkable!

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Peach's Castle (SSB)
Sector Z (SSB)
Fountain of Dreams (SSBM)
Mute City (SSBM)
Battlefield (SSBB)
Lylat Cruise (SSBB)

I think liking New Pork City is on account of Mother fanboyism, it does have excellent music, but the layout is beyond terrible...


The developers did seem to go a little nuts with New Pork City, it's like they wanted to cram everything in.



SSBB: Bridge of Eldin
SSBM: Great Bay
SSB: That Metroid stage i always forget what it's called.



I understand, VGP, but what we are saying is that Battle Field is a more neutral test of whether you are good at the techniques. The lack of platforms puts certain characters at a disadvantage, so FD isn't as neutral as some think. In truth, there is no completely neutral stage, but that is being nitpicky.

You're probably right, but I do like big stages for four-player stock matches. I especially like the Ultimate Chimera. It is fun to try to hit or throw someone into his path. If not for the theme and music though, I'd probably stick with Melee's Hyrule Castle for my big stage needs, I admit, despite that lower-left area being ridiculously difficult to KO from.

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Hyrule Temple, Smashville, final destination, battlefield, and the wind waker level is always fun. Too many good levels to name them all.



Mama+Luigi wrote:

SSBB: Bridge of Eldin
SSBM: Great Bay
SSB: That Metroid stage i always forget what it's called.

I believe you are thinking of Brinstar.
My favorite on Brawl is Wario Ware Inc. (It's fun to play the Microgames, isn't it?) and on Melee it's either Brinstar Depths (Cause I like to watch what Kraid does.) or Fountain of Dreams. (Cause I think it's pretty!)

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Great Bay
Super Mario Sunshine
Jungle Japes

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Final Destination, because I play as Toon Link and he has a lot of ranged weapons.

Some others:
Distant Planet (Because I love Pikmin)
The Metroid stage that flips you upside down
Spear Pillar (Great music, and once again it flips upside down)
Pirate Ship
The F-Zero stage that has the song called "White Land"
Smashville (because it is as close to Final Destination as you can get without selecting it, and I like the Animal Crossing setting)

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Hyrule temple from Melee. Best place to spam with Link! Just set it to 300% damage and find a place to camp with your bow and you're set!

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In no particular order except game chronology:
1. Saffron City (64)
2. Brinstar Depths (Melee)
3. Poke Floats (Melee)
4. Temple (Melee)
5. WarioWare, Inc. (Brawl)
6. Delfino Plaza (Brawl)
7. Final Destination


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Final destination, or any other mostly flat stage.. Final Destination on the gamecube was the best



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