Topic: What are the very best Gameboy Color games?

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If you have Tetris DS, you might find Tetris DX a bit primitive. It's more like the original Gameboy Tetris, but with faster play control and a battery save. It differs from Tetris DS in that there's no infinite spin, piece hold, T-spin bonuses, hard drop, ghost piece, or 7-piece bag randomizer (so no guarantee of getting I pieces when you need them). Tetris Party has more game modes than any version of Tetris I've seen, but the speed feels like a step backward from Tetris DS. As far as Nintendo releases go, Tetris DS is probably the most playable of the games that have come out since things got changed so drastically with Tetris Worlds, and Tetris DX is probably the most playable of the games that came before Tetris Worlds.

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The Legend of Zelda orcales were really fun. Buy both for the passwords.

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I really liked Mario tennis for the GBC.

Also: Metal Gear Solid - Ghost Babel.

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The pokemon games IMO.

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Pokemon Crystal



Oh if you can get Pokemon Diamond for GBA (it's a homebrew knockoff. I've played the rom, its fun for laughs).

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A Link to the Past DX.

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All 3 color Zelda games IMO.



I like Dragon Warrior I and II for Game Boy Color.

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Second all Dragon Quest games, including both monsters games if you're into that kind of thing. 3 was superior to some Super NES games as far as I'm concerned--the presentation was beyond stellar, and it's the absolute best use of the GB sound hardware. The version of Metal Gear Solid for GBC was awesome as well. The Megaman Xtreme games weren't too shabby, although the X-smoothness is lost in a large way on the's so much choppier. Still a good game all things considered, and the best of its kind for GBC.

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Honestly, I didn't think the Game Boy Color had as good a collection as that of the Game Boy Pocket. But I guess the best Game Boy Color games would be: Game&Watch Gallery 3, Aladdin {EU}, Woody Woodpecker Racing, and.....
Hang on, I know there's one or two more.

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