Topic: What 8-Bit Game (if u are) are playing now?

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StarBoy91 wrote:

Guys. You know how in Zelda 2 there is this infamous quote: "I Am Error"?
Well, the meme's getting old, and Error is that person's name, it's not a mistranslated quote. That's all I felt like saying.

Naming a character Error is a massive error, though.



Playing Punch-Out at the moment and loving it. It's pretty difficult and a real challenge to discover the opponents weakness and pattern.

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Does Rygar count? One website I've found says the main CPU is "Z80 (@ 4 Mhz)" whatever that means.Can usually make it to around level 10 or 12 on one credit, so it'll be awhile before I beat it.

I should go back to Kid Icarus. Gave up on it after two days after I kept dying on world 1-3, should give it another shot and see if it gets noticeably easier after the first world.

Still haven't picked up my free NES game. I was going to go with Final Fantasy but I was over at my sister's house and seeing my brother-in-law play it reminded me why I've never given it a decent effort.

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I played straight through Castlevania III today in one sitting for Halloween.... first time I'd really played it in years. Nearly broke me, but I finally took that #@ Dracula down (after an embarrassing number of deaths).

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Super Mario Bros. 3 cause of the free NES download. I forgot how fun it was!



Castlevania III (free download )
had a high score on this site and AVGN's review made me curious



StarBoy91 wrote:

I think I'm addicted to Zelda 2. What does this mean??? And I'm about to get to the fourth dungeon!!!

It means you have good taste. I also played through Zelda II very recently (a month ago?) for the first time.
I had played the first couple palaces a few times before, but I always gave up.
This time I played all the way through and it was definitely one of the best games I've ever played.
It's probably #2 on my hierarchy of favorite Zeldas (just behind Majora's Mask).



Still trying to beat Mega Man 1-3.

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Final Fantasy. I'm a little more than half way done.



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