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Generally speaking, this is how I feel about their series:

Most Mario RPGs & non-"New" and "Land" platformers > Wario Land & WarioWare > Mario Tennis GBC & Mario Kart > Everything else Mario-centric

I find Wario to be a much more interesting character, though. Actually, he's my favorite character in the Mario-verse. I've said this before, but Wario is repugnant, and unrepentant about being repugnant. And I enjoy that. I like Mario too, but personality-wise, he's often sort of a bland everyman.

So, uh, yeah. I'm still not sure which side I'd vote on.

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This is the most difficult question I've seen since since "Would you like the soup, or the salad?".

Well, 2D Mario is awesome. Platformer Wario is awesome as well. I've actually concluded that Super Mario World is my favorite SNES game, and that Wario Land 4 is one of my favorite GBA games. So, for that, it's a tie for me.

I do absolutely love the 3D Mario games (especially Galaxy). I remember playing Wario World when I was younger, and it was a blast, but not nearly as fun as Sunshine or Galaxy in my opinion.

I love Mario Party, but I've always found WarioWare to be more fun. I like the microgames more then the mini-games.

So, overall...


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