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Why is there a lack of uk retro game shops? Where do most people find their games. I get a bit bored of paying for shipping on ebay. I would love to know if anybody knows of any decent retro shops. I'm mainly interested in NES. I watch things like 'game chasers' and get really jealous when I see some of the shops they go into!



Well it depends where you live, but these are some shops I know in the UK. - A chain shop that does sell some retro games (disc base) is CeX. They are about the only shops I know that sell Gamecube games and I've picked up some good stuff from them like Wave Racer: Blue Storm, Crash Bandicoot 4 (GC) and Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. I know there is one in Norwich and in Royal Tunbridge Wells. - I've not got round to visiting the shop, but I have got some excellent stuff from their ebay page like Puyo Puyo Sun 64. If you ever go to London, make a plan to go there. Next time I'm in London, that's where I'm heading! - There prices can be a bit hit and miss, but they have loads of retro games. Now they have appeared at Replay Expo 2011 (Blackpool) and at Play Expo 2012 (Manchester), both which I have attended. They had LOADS of retro games and accessories for sale. I picked up Micro Machines Turbo 64, boxed for £10. They should be here for this years Play Expo 2013 (Manchester) in October, so I would recommend going. Hopefully I will be going as well, just to get some Retro Games.

I can't remember the name from the top of my head, but there is this sweet Sc-Fi second hand shop in Royal Tunbridge Wells and there is a small selection to games. Let's just say I picked The Lion King (Sega Genesis) and G-Loc (Sega Mega Drive), boxed and both cost £2. I only get to visit the shop when I see my Nan however. I'll try and find the name.

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Thanks for the info! I've just moved to London so I expected to find loads of shops for retro games. So far I've found cex but like you said they only do GameCube onwards. I used to live in Weston-s-mare and there was a great shop there called NT games they sold everything from NES upwards. The older game selection was small but hey least they had some.

I really want to check out a games expo soon. So thanks for the recommendation on the Manchester one.



There is M&M games in Croydon which sells rare gems and I've managed to grab a discounted copy of Zelda Ocarina of Time (Gray cartridge) and a few hard to get peripherals for a Gamecube. They have a lot of Retro games in stock and ship some from overseas too.

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Oooh good shout out thanks. Croydon is just down the road from me! Thanks.



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