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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had a list of their favorite Japanese GBA games that were never released elsewhere (and preferably that a Westerner could play, i.e. not japanese text-heavy). I await your lists!



MOTHER 3. It's an RPG, so it's very text-heavy, but there's an English patch online.

Also, every game in the bit Generations series. (Yes, the B is lowercase.)

And, finally, F-ZERO Climax.

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Shanghai Advance
Mr. Driller A (counterpart to the excellent Mr. Driller Drill Land on the Gamecube which uses the GBA-GC link cable if you have both games for transferring items in your stock from Mr. Driller A to Drill Land)

You can find a guide/walkthrough for the latter; the former has different game modes and config settings that aren't too difficult to figure out.

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Rhythm Tengoku, Starfy 1, 2, 3, I'm sure there are alot more

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Rhythm Tengoku and bit Generation games



I'm including Warioware Twisted and Drill Dozer as nither of these made it to the UK, but one game that stayed in Japan that everyone must play is Dotstream from the Bit Generation games. It reminds me of Tron and has cool soundtrack and looks stunning. The tiny packaging is also beautiful.




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