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Oh, I'm not very good at making these lists, but lets see now what I can come up with:

1. Banjo-Kazooie
2. Super Mario 64
3. Mario Kart 64 (used to love playing it with my family)
4. Mario Party (whole series + same here, had a lot of fun playing this with my family game, used to be my Mum's favourite game lol)
5. Super Smash Bros.

A few notes: This list probably isn't 100% correct, because I find it pretty hard to decide which game is better than the other. Ocarina of Time should've ended up first here, but the fact is I never actually played it on the N64, but the 3DS (my "Zelda-era" started first after Wind Waker), so I decided it really didn't belong in this list.



Ocarina of Time
Paper Mario
Mario 64
Perfect Dark

It's Wario time Yaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!


@Peach64 Mario Galaxy qualifies as a classic Nintendo game from the Wii era! Though sadly, that's about it...

It's Wario time Yaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!


The N64 is my favourite console, so this will be a tough one!
1. Majora's Mask
2. Ocarina of Time
3. Mario Party 3
4. Mario Kart 64
5. Super Mario 64

Honourable mentions go to Donkey Kong 64, Banjo Tooie/Kazooie and Goldeneye 007 (from the few times I got to play it.) The N64 has so many memories of awesome multiplayer AND single player games for me. Paper Mario would've made the list too had I not experienced it until the VC release.


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Games I played to death with my N64

1. Banjo Kazooie/Tooie
4. Donkey Kong 64
5. Vigilante 8
2. Super Smash Bros
3. Diddy Kong Racing

HM: Kirby & Crystal Shards, Pilotwings, Starfox 64

You can see why I am a neurotic 100% completionist nowadays. Curse you Rare!

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1. super hobo beater 64
2. super hobo beater 64
3. super hobo beater 64
4. super hobo beater 64
5. super hobo beater 64

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ogo79 wrote:

1.64 Catgirl Adventure
2. super hobo beater 64
3. super hobo beater 64
4. super hobo beater 64
5. super hobo beater 64

Agree completely


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1) Smash Bros
2) Tony Hawk
3) Mario Kart
4) 007
5) Pokemon Snap


I agree with most of the lists here. I think mine would include:

Mario Tennis
Mario 64
Zelda OoT
Smash Brothers

Special mention: Beetle Adventure Racing, "Head for the exit!"



1: Banjo Kazooie
2: Donkey Kong 64
3: Sin and Punishment
4: Kirby and the Crystal Shards
5: Super Smash Bros

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1. Star Wars Episode 1 Racer
2. Ocarina of Time
3. Star Fox 64
4. Pokemon Snap
5. Super Mario 64


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1-Kirby 64(my first game XD)
2-Pokemon Puzzle league and pokemon snap(can't chose)
3-banjo kazooie and banjo tooie(for me it is like two parts of one game as in tooie you keep all the unlockable abilities from kazooie right at the start)
4-yoshi story
5-star fox 64
Note: I didn't play ocarina of time in my N64(when I wanted it, it was already impossible to find) so I'll keep it out of the list(but it probably would steal star fox 64's place)

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1- Banjo Kazooie series
2- Ocarina of Time
3- Paper Mario
4- Golden Eye 007
5- Mischief Makers

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1. Super Mario 64
2. Ocarina of Time
3. Mario Kart 64
4. Goldeneye
5. Super Smash Bros.

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1.Starfox 64

2. Mario Kart 64

3. Mortal Kombat 4

4. Star Wars Shadows of the Empire

5.Turok2 Seed of Evil



1.Ocarina of Time
2.Mario 64
3.Starfox 64
4.Snowboard Kids
5. Wave Race 64



mine are
1 Zelda oot
2 Conkers bfd my all time fave
3 Goldeneye
4 banjo kazooie
5 DK 64



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