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Ik this isnt a game but its pokemon and its a pokedex.
I bought it at a yard sale for $2. Its brand new and the packaging is perfect.
What is this thing exactly worth and is it rare at all?




I use to have one of those when I was a kid. Back when I used like the games more than I do now.


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Morpheel wrote:

Amazon has them for up to 150 dollars.

That's a dollar per pokemon

This is NOT how you figure out the value of something. People can post sale prices at any number they want. What's important is how much people are actually BUYING them for.

On Ebay I see loose ones selling for around $15-20. And a couple new sealed ones selling for around $60-100. So you certainly grabbed a desirable bit of merch. If you're going to flip it (as I totally would) I'd throw it up on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $100. If it doesn't sell in a few weeks, drop it down to $75. You'll probably have some good luck with it. There are a LOT of these things sold, so they see in relativity high demand. I wonder why.

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Jim_Purcell wrote:

There are a LOT of these things sold, so they see in relativity high demand. I wonder why.

The same can be said of Gen 1 Pokemon games themselves.
They sold millions, so why are people paying $20+ for loose carts without even knowing if the battery works?



$150 is the Amazon trolling for a sucker price. I'd think about 1/2 to 2/3 of that would be reality. I know you can sell a loose one in very nice shape for around $30 I believe. They're handy if you're just a fan of the original series of pokemon, and it doubles as a basic math calculator too. I've sold in the last few years a few used ones I've bumbled upon ebay and got $25 for them but that was a good year back so I figure it has to be a little more by now.

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I hate amazon trolling with the prices.

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I had one of those as a kid. I remember seeing them all the time in the store. Some of my friends had them too. I wouldn't say that they're "rare" since I can imagine these sold like hotcakes back in the day during the first wave of "Poke-Mania". We all wanted our own Pokedex, right? One that is unopened and in good condition could be worth a bit to the right person considering a lot of that Gen 1 stuff goes for $20+ a piece.
I've seen them being sold loose for like $25-$50 online depending on condition. Looking it up right now on Ebay, I've seen one brand new one with a Buy it Now price of $111.75 and I've seen one auction with the starting price set at $72.65. So you'll probably do pretty well with it considering you only bought it for $2.



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