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I used to think as a kid that Super Mario 64 was the 64th game in the series up until I was like 13-14 xD




I thought that the ladders that weren't complete in the original Donkey Kong game were worthless. A little while ago I realized that you could use them to avoid projectiles.

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Pretty much 50% of Majora's Mask made more sense after I was 13

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That in Final Fantasy VI, Emperor Gestahl doesn't have a dog head. It's just an elaborate hat. Also, the protagonist and female lead of Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana look the same.


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That the original Resident Evil has an alternate beginning sequence where you never see the video of the zombie turning his head at you.

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The box art for the Japanese version of the Sega Genesis/MD's "The Ooze" is probably the weirdest video game box art of all time.


That Super Mario Sunshine contains a reference to The Shining.

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Morphbug wrote:

NintendoFan64 wrote:

That Super Mario Sunshine contains a reference to The Shining.

The shadow manta ray at the hotel, right?


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That Resident Evil 2 takes place during Resident Evil 3.

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Reading another site, I find out about another shovelware game I was just find not knowing about.

So in the GBA version of Superman Returns, the man of steel uses his superpowers to CHEAT AT SUDOKU!
Wow, that sounds like an awful idea for someone's crappy parody Flash game, not some kind of alleged electronic "art" that would end up sold in stores.

If there was one character who deserved someone giving them just one GOOD game, just to show it can be done...



I didn't know there was a warp to World 8 in Super Mario Bros until I got it on Wii U. I still have my Duck Hunt/SMB cart in my NES at home and somehow never found it until I started trying high score runs during the Wii U game drought.

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Already little known "High Seas Havoc" platformer for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive also had an even more obscure arcade version which is a modified Genesis/MD game running on an arcade board.

EDIT: Here's a picture

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That game might have one of the better obscure Genesis soundtracks.
(perhaps explaining why I've heard of more than one bootleg game ripping off its sound)



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I just recently noticed Ganondorf is a clone of Capt. Falcon...
And by recently I mean a few months ago, despite owning Brawl for over 7 years...

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BearHunger wrote:

@VeeFlamesNL He was more of a/more obviously a clone in Melee than in anything else.

I actually remember reading somewhere that Sakurai said that Ganondorf almost didn't make it to Melee.


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