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Just found this out recent. But a dental imagine equipment company bought the mold plates for the Atari Jaguar system to use as a casing for a dental camera.


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in super mario world, its possible for Yoshi to eat Blargs



DonkeyKong Country and DonkeyKong Country Returns, both came out on November 21 in the US.

In Sonic 3 & Knuckles's Carnival night zone act 3, playing as Hyper Sonic or Super Tails, you can find your way into an unfinished part of the game near the end of the level. Where all the platforms are not solid.

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In Metal Gear Solid, the boss fight against Psycho Mantis, I never knew you could plug the controller into the second slot and not have your mind read by him. However I plowed on and managed to defeat him by using pretty much every bit of ammo I had. I learnt later on from friends about this and they couldn't believe I had made it through. I did feel a bit embarrassed and proud at the same time, a weird combo



LordJumpMad wrote:

DonkeyKong Country and DonkeyKong Country Returns, both came out on November 21 in the US.

Well, I knew that since it was out. And I was disappointed they didn't remake the original commercials.
(I mean the game technically still wasn't on any CD consoles or 32X )



Tasuki wrote:

I didnt realize this until today when I was watching an LP of Mega Man X5 that the North American names for the bosses are all named after members of the band Guns N Roses. Lol

Dude, I recall trying to tell you that years ago, but you missed it.

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The Kremlings were originally going to be enemies in a new Battletoads game, not in Donkey Kong Country.

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I don't remember how long it took me to find out about Biggoron's Sword in "Ocarina of Time", or that using the Lens of Truth would make reaching that last Heart Piece much less of a headache. I also remember being absolutely thrilled at around age 12, when a friend showed me the warps in the original "Super Mario Bros." game. It took me a long time to even think of shooting Bowser with fireballs.

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Puzzle Bobble (Bust a Move) has the enemies from Bubble Bobble inside the Bubbles. (Suppose that is quite a common one).

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Kamek in Yoshi's Island...
is actually male.

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mariobro4 wrote:

Kamek in Yoshi's Island...
is actually male.

You're not the only one, from what I can tell online, Kamek's gender is one of the most often confused things about the Mario series, along with Birdo's gender and Antasma's gender (from Mario & Luigi Dream Team). Didn't make that mistake myself though.

As for myself, mostly localisation stuff I didn't know about. Like how Luigi's Mansion had changed the Hidden Mansion and game structure in the PAL version, so you HAD to beat the Hidden Mansion to get enough money/treasure for an A rank. That really messed me up, especially given how it seems most walkthroughs are written by Americans.

Or that the e-Reader functionality was removed from the PAL version of Super Mario Advance 4 (without gameshark/action replay usage). Thanks for making that clear internet, only after I'd imported an e-Reader!

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Birdo's gender is simply a censorship issue.



The Castle Music from Yoshi's Island is extremely similar to the bass line as Ocarina of Time's Song of the Storms!

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In SSBM the big blue stage is as good if not better then final destination. Crazy platforming battles at high speeds!



In the special world of Super Mario World, if you stay in the world map screen for a few minutes you can hear the original SMB theme song playing, similar to all-stars version.

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It's actually the Special World map screen.



Tasuki wrote:

Just found this out recent. But a dental imagine equipment company bought the mold plates for the Atari Jaguar system to use as a casing for a dental camera.


I remember when I first saw this. I couldn't believe that's what happened. But eh Atari had to try to make a quick buck some how.

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Atari wasn't making a quick buck. The HotRod company bought it in the liquidation sale after Atari died, and they needed to sell as much of their assets as possible.



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