Topic: The system you played the most as a kid

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Probably the N64 for me. I thought it had some good sports games and back then that is what I primarily played.



oh, but in 2nd place is the NES, and ironically, it came out 10 years before i was even born. i remember playing it in about 2002 and truly thinking that it was modern. then the gamecube came along and changed things

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Definately the gameboy...

Pokemon Blue, Wario Land, and Donkey Kong Land 1 and 3 were my life back in the day. Mum refused to buy us console, but fortunately my Grandma bought a sega megadrive for her house, so whenever I was there I played battletoads, sonic, or Smash TV...

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Game Boy Color. It was my early Pokemon years, and I played nothing else for quite awhile. I did have other games, but Pokemon had me hooked. Late into my GBA years, I rapidly lost interest, and by Diamond my interest had all but died.

Game Gear- before I got my Game Boy Color, this was my handheld. I took it everywhere. I had so many good games for it (Sonic, Columns, Pac Man, Castle of Illusion, etc). I also had the battery pack, so no having to waste batteries. I literally played it to death.

NES- I played many games on that thing endlessly. Mario 3 was my favorite, and still is.

Playstation- I got it instead of an N64 because I didn't like the controller layout of the 64. My sister and I primarily played Crash & Spyro along with various Japanese RPGs. My favorites were Gran Turismo, Destruction Derby 2, and Hardball 5.

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NES for me many great games!





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the Atari 2600 & ColecoVision during elementary school (grades 1-5 in the US, for our overseas friends), NES during middle school and high school.. Heh, i'm old too (35 in May).

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I played games as a lad but was outside most of the time. My gaming didn't kick in seriously till the N64, and because I didn't like the Playstation, I spent a huge amount of time with my beautifully rugged 64-bit beast. <3

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My Megadrive. I remember seeing Sonic collecting rings inside my eyelids when I was trying to sleep... I played it way too much.

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RandomWiiPlayer wrote:

GameBoy. So much GameBoy.

same here, when mortal kombat II come out it was on! (for me aleast)

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SNES for me!!



Sega Genesis, dedicated my middle school years to it.

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For me it's a tie between the N64 and GBA. I mostly played SSB and Super Mario 64 on the N64, but on my GBA I played the heck out of Super Mario World and Pokemon Gold (I never really got into Sapphire).

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The N64 is the system i played alot

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