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Already posted it in the retro purchase thread but I recently acquired a Wonderswan Crystal for a trade value of $60. Had to give away one of my figures for it but it's worth it. The only flaw is that dust easily enters the screen which means I have to remove the casing to blow away the dust :|

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Algus wrote:

Man speaking of Metroid Prime Trilogy, what's up with the huge prices on a lot of out of print games for Gamecube and Wii? Guess there's a lesson to be learned here and I'll have to get the good stuff for the Wii U as it is coming out. Nintendo will always be popular with collectors I suppose.

Don't think the current situation will be the same. People who just want to play it can get digital if the prices are unreasonable.

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KingMike wrote:

I did pick up Fire Dogs around then because I knew that was a rental-only game so I picked it up impulse buy for like $20 (cart only), even though it's hard to say if people even wanted to pay that.
Though I think so far the only rental-exclusive game people really care about is Final Fight Guy.

How many Ren & Stimpy video games were there? :P I loved that show as a kid but I never wanted to play a video game version. Wasn't *Hagan*e a rental exclusive too?

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I believe there were four on the SNES: Veediots, Time Warp, Fire Dogs and Buckeroo$.
I think Buckeroo$ was the only NES, a couple on the Game Boy. Sega made one for the Genesis I think which could be haflway-decent, maybe (since THQ wasn't involved).

I'm not sure if Hagane actually was. I know FFG and R&S:FD are the only ones listed as rental-only in Nintendo Power. Eek the Cat was listed as rental-only but others have said it later got a retail release (I have a cart and manual, the manual has warranty info which I'd think be unnecessary for a rental game). The only other I'm sure of is Clay Fighter: Tournament Edition which was made especially for a Blockbuster tournament (so the game was released there a couple months before so people could play it for practice). 3 Ninjas Kick Back was listed RO in GamePro but it seems the game came with a poster (which, like the box and manual are now insane collector items), which also would seem unneeded for a RO.
Unless they plan to rent the poster! (idea for ogo) :D