Topic: The Oldest Console You Own?

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my GAME BOY COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My dad actually had a ColecoVision(82') which he had bought when he was about 26. It seemed like a less popular yet superior breed of Atari 2600 that covered many of the arcade classics. I got my hands on it in 1990 which is when i used to play a little bit of Lady Bug, Donkey Kong and a few other games, but sadly I passed on it. I was never a score chaser and these types of gaming experiences(Aside from DK) didn't go beyond 10 minutes for me. Besides, this was already when I was hooked on everything NES & Nintendo, so I guess you can't blame me.


That aside, the Commodre 64 strikes harder with the nostalgia over the Coleco. When you hear a Commodre game, You know it's a commodre GIJOE's theme song will forever be embedded in my Toobular titanium noggin!

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My Atari Lynx and my Sega Dreamcast...

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that would be my Nintendo Entertainment System my dad got it for me xmas 1988 and it's still going strong

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My mother had an SNES, she gave it to me when I was 3 (5?) years old.

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Atari 2600 and a broken Genesis.

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mine is my old school game boy white one lol then my super and n64...

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NES. I got Balloon fight!



The GB brick. I still have the darn thing, although it's getting a little crusty now.



I think we still have an NES somehwere?? If not, then maybe the SEGA Genisis or the SNES. All of which are sadly useless tn their current state.

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I have an Atari 2600 that I've never actually played lying in a box somewhere.

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Wii. Yeah I guess you can say I didn't get into console gaming (I did have a bunch of random PC games in my childhood though, most of them being the educational type) until rather recently. In fact I didn't even get it until 2010, not even by my own choice. But once I got SSB Brawl about a year later, the rest is, well, you know.


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gamecube its the greatest console because of its pokemon games imo the console is very underrated and it makes me angry super Mario sunshine was awesome and the gamecube in general was just an awesome machine!


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My oldest is an intellivision that by dad bought when it was new, and its also the reason that I never got a nes when I was little. At least by then the snes was about to come out, which I ended up getting for chirstmas.



Gamecube, my first home console, has some of the best entries in the Metroid, Zelda, Mario, and Donkey Kong series

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I have an Atari 2600, which my father bought from eBay a while back. Not exactly sure where it is around my household now...

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Groose_Lord wrote:

Gamecube, my first home console, has some of the best entries in the Metroid, Zelda, Mario, and Donkey Kong series

Well said; this describes my experience (with the small caveat that I never tried the Donkey Kong games :/).

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I still play my, 27 year old, NES that my parents purchased for me in 1986.



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