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weirdadam wrote:

The lava world was one of my favorites. I liked it because it actually featured some platform jumping unlike most of the boring worlds.

Yeah, but it gets old when you keep falling in the lava because the camera was at a bad angle, die and have to start all over again.D=<

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Bad camera angles was my main problem with this game.
Some times I wanted to punch by door in, from frustration.

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I didn't find the camera a problem in that level though. The camera really only annoys me in levels with more walls and stuff to obstruct your view. That level is so open... except for in the volcano, which was annoying due to the camera... very annoying.

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The only thing I don't like about Super Mario 64, is the gift you get when you've collected your 120th Star. 100 lives, that's it? They should've let you play as Yoshi or something. I could get 100 lives on my own, you know?


You also get a cool triple jump don't you?



Not much. The camera was only a problem rarely for me. The Ds versions controls were very tricky, yes. Has very few bad points all things considered.

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Yea, Badknux, what's the point of getting 100 lives when the game is over? Even if you do keep playing on the file and get game over, it's not like you'll have any progress to lose. However, that's not all you get. Seeing Yoshi at all was a really nice surprise, and I personally loved unlocking the canon and wing cap so I could fly around the courtyard and climb the castle. Spent more time with that than I did the poorly designed levels.

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Wow, I didn't know this many people disliked the game. I thought mostly everyone liked it. Well that's also what I thought about SMG.....



For the real jump into 3D world, i think It was amazing,
for me those flaws you mentioned are merely a formality that i can ignore easly, with such fine package.

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SM64 is perfect, there's nothing bad about it. And I say this even though I didn't have a Nintendo 64 and the first time I played SM64 was on my PC a couple of years ago. Even in 2007 I was amazed at how revolutionary the game really is.



The Good Things in Super Mario 64:

The Bad Things in Super Mario 64:

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