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Shoot away about Commodore's most famous computer. And if a thread like this already exists, stop me.

I've recently become a C64 nut.

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Ahh yes, though I was born 1996, i've learned from enough "video game professors" such as AVGN and JonTron to know how special it is to boot up a keep, here some dial up noises, put it codes and hope that the game works.

Futhermore, I think THIS is the most epic music the Commodore 64 ever produced.

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I'm not really a huge fan of the games (the ones that I liked the most were Jumpman, both Turrican games and Mayhem in Monsterland) but the sound chip was pretty excellent. My favorite composers are Tim Follin, Jeroen Tel and Martin Galway.

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There were a large number of entertainment titles.

My favourite games were from a german company called "Rainbow Arts". They made such titles like "The Great Giana Sisters", "Grand Monster Slam", "Katakis", "Turrican", "Spherical" etc. I think the company name "Rainbow Arts" is now owned by THQ.

In addition to having a great collection of games, you could also write and run BASIC programs (or any other programming language like Assembler, Pascal, Forth, Logo etc), use office applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, and database programs. Or Create music, graphics etc etc. The possibilities were never ending. You could even go online with a terminal program (acoustic coupler or modem required).

I remember writing my own simple games and small databases with the built-in BASIC. Tried a bit Assembler. Or writing letters with a word processor called "Star Texter". Of course you could also connect a printer (or a modem or whatever) and there were many peripherals on the market that were compatible to the C64 back then.

And all that with a processor that runs at less than 1 MHz!

I loved it!

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I own a 128 and a couple of C64s (and a pair of VIC-20s). My first computer was a C64 in 1984. Fond, fond memories.

Favourite games: Jumpman, Space Taxi, Archon, the Infocom games (which are more fun to play on modern hardware now thanks to the Z-Machine emulators out there) and Pitstop II.

As for joysticks, I've always had a soft spot for the Epyx 500XJs. I bought four NOS ones at World of Commodore in 2011.


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Man i was a LITTLE kid when my dad brought one home.. I was awe of it for sure... I played a couple of games on it... but honestly I really don't remember of hand which were they...

But the C64 is what got me in love with computers/gaming in the first place.. "please insert boot disk"..... let the journey begin

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I was (am) an Atari 800 man, I had mine before the C64 was even released. It still works, including the floppy disk drive!
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I have never owned nor played a commodore 64 game before. The closest I think I will ever get to a commodore 64 is the load screen in VVVVVV

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